Look Where You Want To Go – If You Don’t, It Can Kill You


In truck driving, drivers are told to look ahead for an escape route in case of trouble. Many truck drivers are focused on the bumper of the car ahead of them. They do not look beyond that car to plot an escape route in case of a sudden stop.

They are not looking where they want to go. Motorcycle riding has the same perils, with no actual protection, save for the body armor inside your protective clothing.

Where protective clothing comes in is when you wear Motorcycle Armor Leather Jackets to stay safe if things go wrong. When you look at the car in front of you or the car coming at you, human nature seems to make you drive right toward the obstacle.

Look where you want to go means looking ahead of your position down the road to see if it is clear.


The Big Picture

Focusing on the “Big Picture” is what will save your skin. The big picture means you are aware of what is going on in front, to the right or left, and in your rearview mirror.

Scanning the road 10-12 seconds ahead of where you are will help you be aware of road conditions ahead. Sometimes things happen down the road that may become an issue had you not seen them beforehand.

Object Fixation

There is a phenomenon that occurs when a driver, motorcycle, or car becomes so focused on an object they run into it. It’s called Target Fixation.


Result of target fixation?

This occurs when vehicles are driving passed traffic accidents or when the police have a car pulled over to the shoulder. Drivers are so fixated that they stare at the activity so intently they run into it.

This phenomenon has become such a problem the Utah Highway Patrol released a video to get drivers to move over and slow down.


Warning: If you click the link above, this video will scare the living daylights out of you. Another term for “look where you want to go” is called “defensive driving.”

If you want the lady riders to fixate on, you are seen wearing Men Motorcycle Mesh Pants. Be aware of your surroundings to know what is going on in front of you. You don’t want to come around a corner or crest a hill and find the road blocked with an accident.

Looking where you want to go takes concentration as you are overriding human nature, the habit of staring at an object instead of looking around it. You must train your brain to look around the obstruction to find a safe way around it.

Last Look

Look where you want to go should become second nature to you while navigating your motorcycle down the road. Look where you want to go can be applied to your life goals, as well.

Look past the obstacles that are blocking your progress and move forward around them. Focus on your goals and successes, not your failers and losses, and success is attainable.

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