Miles and Miles a Year

Miles and Miles a Year

There are many different types of motorcycle riders. Some motorcyclists ride their motorcycles as a hobby so they don’t do it very often. They only ride the motorcycle on occasion like on a sunny weekend or when they need to unwind from a hard week at work.

Then other motorcyclists have both a car and a motorcycle. They will drive their vehicle to work so that they can fit in with the white-collar crowd. Or maybe they have children that they need to transport and they definitely can’t fit them on the back of their motorcycle and in their motorcycle backpack.

Then there is another group of motorcyclists so dedicated to their motorcycle, that they will not even look at a vehicle. These motorcyclists are right to die and they will ride their motorcycles in any weather.


Well, all of these motorcyclists need insurance. But motorcycle insurance does not work like a car, SUV, or truck insurance. Insurance companies insure motorcycle riders based on the number of miles they provide a year. So if you want to add extra miles to your experience check out these Top 5 Motorcycle Rides In The U.S.

So a motorcycle insurance company will need to know how much a motorcyclist rides their motorcycle a year. Then, based on that number, they will place that motorcyclist in a category with the other motorcycle riders who ride the same amount of miles per year. With large insurance companies, it’s all about averages. So if you are a motorcycle rider who rides as much as most other motorcycle riders, then you will get the average price of insurance. But if you are one of the outliers who rides their motorcycle every day and in all types of weather, then expect the cost of your motorcycle insurance to shoot up drastically.

riding a motorcycle

So, before you look for insurance for the first time or if you plan to switch, try to do some online shopping. Price around different packages based on your needs and how many miles you drive per year.

Every motorcycle rider needs insurance. You do not want to be stuck with the bill of both your wrecked motorcycle and the cost of the damaged vehicle if you get into a collision. Plus, many states have laws saying that all riders and drivers must have the mentor bare minimum insurance. If you do not have insurance, the other person’s insurance company will likely be able to take advantage of you and take you to court.

But before you shop online for health insurance for the next few hours, you need to evaluate the motorcycle clothing gear that you have. Get all of the motorcycle clothing gear that you have purchased over the years and please sit on your couch or bed. Then, inspect every single piece of clothing. You need to be on the lookout for sitting fabric, tears, stains, holes and patches, and general ruggedness.

Every motorcycle rider needs leather motorcycle gloves, a leather motorcycle jacket, and motorcycle racing pants.

Don’t forget to have a motorcycle rain suit on hand so you can quickly rush home in a storm and change into your suit.

We understand that you do not want to shop for new motorcycle gear because you’re currently pricing motorcycle insurance online and it is not looking good for your wallet. But there is a website that always has amazing deals on very high-quality motorcycle gear and that website is

The wicked stock has all kinds of different gear, so anyone can’t find motorcycle gear that fits their tastes. They always have sales so all of the customers can have an opportunity to save even more money when they shop at Wicked Stock.

If you’re looking for a certain jacket that fits your style, head over to their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page. You can see how their customers are incorporating their new motorcycle gear into their fashion.

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