Motorcycle Locks For Maximum Security


Safety first, people always say. When it comes to a helmet, and gear, you may be fully covered -like wearing leather motorcycle pants, motorcycle riding jackets, and motorcycle rain gear to make the riding of your vehicle safer. But what if the locks of the motorcycle itself? Motorcycles are expensive, heavy, and have the potential to be stolen. That is why quality matters over quantity and getting a good lock.

Different Types of Locks

However, many people will tell you to use one method, whether it be a fork lock, a disk lock, or maybe even a chain. They are all good ideas to keep the smaller thieves, and criminals of opportunity at bay. But some go well beyond the norm, and they are the ones you need to prepare for. But here is a tip, keep those locks and chains off the ground. This reduces the amount of leverage it. You can further hinder or prevent a thief’s attempt by adding a Killswitch or alarm. Both would be quite clever. After all, a motorcycle is valuable.

Add a spanner to a thief’s plan by getting yourself an ABUS Granit Detecto XPlus 8077. Made of very special hardened steel, it is user-friendly, so no worries about installation. Furthermore, any tampering will trigger the sensor and let out a major racket. The lock even reminds you of certain sounds to lock your motorcycle, and if it is dark, no worries! The key has a built-in light allowing you to see in the dark – which may occur quite frequently as a motorcyclist.

motorcycle locks

For an additional lock, you can always go for a HelmetLok GenII 4- digit lock. It prevents you from having to lug around all your heavy gear in fear of getting stolen. This lock allows you to secure your gear at the bike itself. Although it may not be bolt-cutter proof (however in all fairness, few locks are). It certainly can prevent multiple crimes of opportunity that are a direct threat to your motorcycle and your equipment.

Another lock that may just suit your fancy is the Gorilla Automotive 9000-2R Motorcycle Alarm with Two Transmitters. It is a power lock, having three powerful sensors that can trigger a siren alarm, and remote control to lock and unlock it. To install it takes a mere half an hour, making life easy, simple, safe, and quick when it comes to the security of your motorcycle.

You can consider the OnGuard 8019L Mastiff Quad Chain Lock used for A bit more of an old-school approach. Made of hardened reinforced steel, breaking this lock will be incredibly difficult, as it is built and designed in an overkill mode. The more security, the better one could say.

Or you could go for Superman’s weakness, the Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit. Sounds close to telling thieves forget-about-it, Which is a beef-sized chain used to lock up your motorcycle. With a high-security disk lock and asymmetrical chain, no one will be accessing your motorcycle anytime soon.

Apart from security, if you are interested in adding leather biker vests or waterproof motorcycle pants (to protect you from the rain), why don’t you head over to Wicked Stock today? After all, you want to make sure you are fully equipped to safely riding a motorcycle while enjoying it at the same time!

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