Motorcycle Mirrors – USE THEM!

Motorcycle Mirrors – USE THEM!

Motorcycle mirrors are there to help all motorcycle riders navigate through the roads and freeways they travel on. All motorcycle riders needed to use these mirrors and the ones who do not are more likely to get into an accident.

The future of proper motorcycle usage and driving will not be in the hands of regular people like you would meet. Instead, companies are pushing to install software into all vehicles so they can monitor how well someone drives.

If you don’t know what that type of future will look like, let me paint you a picture.

In the future, all motorcycles will be outfitted with sensors by their manufacturing company. The company will do this so they can monitor how often the rider’s eyes move. The more a rider changes their eye position and uses their mirrors to keep an eye on what’s going on behind them, the better driving grade that rider will receive.

If the rider’s grade drops too low, the manufacturing company will lock the motorcycle and the person will have to take classes to gain access to drive their motorcycle again. This is going to be the world in 20 to 50 years. But for now, you can get another exceptional technology, the Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator: How to Properly Fit a Bike to Your Body.

But until that day comes, there is no one monitoring how often the average motorcycle rider uses their motorcycle mirrors. Your passenger, your friends, and the other motorcycle rider next to you all trust that you are driving the right way and checking your mirrors often.

When the operator of a vehicle, whether they are in a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle and uses their mirrors, you can check out everything that’s happening behind you without having to turn your head.  So, you can get out of the way in case a semi-truck isn’t stopping then you could check to see if you missed your offramp.

So How Often Should a Person Use Their Mirrors?

According to many driving manuals, the operator of a vehicle or motorcycle should use their mirrors every five to seven seconds.

This means a rider should use their mirrors 9 to 12 times a minute. Yes, that is how often you need to use your mirrors. The mirrors are there to protect you, your passenger, and all people on the freeway. So don’t neglect them.

Plus, when you use your motorcycle mirrors, you can see how good or how bad you look. So, if you are a responsible driver and use your mirrors often, make sure you’re wearing amazing motorcycle gear, so you look as good as possible.

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If some of your clothes are looking a bit ragged and worse for wear and you notice it more and more every time you look in your mirrors, then it’s time to get some new gear.

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