Motorcycle Riding and Your Hearing


Do you think protecting your ears is important as protecting your head while on a motorcycle ride? Most riders wear a full-face helmet, ride with protective leathers with all the armor plating in place. Riders protect everything they think is worth protecting, but they do not always protect their hearing.


Motorcycle riders do not think their ears are at risk while riding at highway speeds. A lot of riders think their ears are protected while wearing a helmet. Fact is helmets only cut the dB range by 3-5 dB.

Having a windshield or fairing will break the wind enough to protect my hearing. All three of the above statements are wrong and poor excuses to believe your hearing is safe. To stay dry when rain appears on one of your long motorcycle rides, Motorcycle Rain Jackets for Men are the right choice.

Get the Facts

Noise-induced hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the US. Noise intensity is measured by using a meter to measure sound in decibels (dB). A motorcycle at idle and up to 35 mph measures 85-95 dB, at 65 mph dB climbs to 110-116.

When you are riding on the road at speeds higher than 35 mph hearing loss begins within 15 minutes. Engine noise is not the main culprit, the noise created by the wind is far more damaging than engine noise.

Here is what your ears are up against from road turbelance at different speeds:

62 mph = 100 km/hr @ 94 dB – ride time 15 minutes.

74 mph = 120 km/hr @ 98 dB – ride time 7 minutes.

86 mph = 140 km/hr @ 102 dB – ride time 3 minutes.

99 mph = 160 km/hr @ 106 dB – ride time 90 seconds.

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What Is The Answer?

Earplugs is the right answer as they deliver a decibel range from 20-33 dB. Earplugs will be discussed here as they are very affordable. There are other right answers as well, noise-canceling earphones for listening to music or talking on cellphones while riding.

There is noise-canceling helmets on the market, but unless you require a new helmet, they range from around $450.00 to over $1,000.00. To help you decide on what type of hearing protection you want to wear while riding, here are some earplug product reviews.

The Ear Buddy


They are sold on Amazon by the Ear Buddy for $17.97 for a bottle containing 50 pair of noise-canceling earplugs with a rating of 32 dB. Described as premium earplugs that are comfortable to wear without falling out as cheap earplugs often do. These are disposable earplugs, wear them for 3 or 4 days and replace them with a new pair.

Etymotic High-Def Motorsport Earplugs


Sold on Amazon by Etymotic Research, these earplugs are a 3-in-one set designed to fit under helmets. Lists for $24.95, on sale at $22.72.

One pair of high-fidelity with 3-flange eartips, one pair sizeable 3-flange ear tips, and one pair foam ear tip with cord and carry case. This set of earplugs is not for sleeping or use with impulse sports like shooting.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs


They are sold on Amazon for $34.88 by Eargasm to protect the hearing of Motorcyclists and Musicians. Comes with two pair of earplug shells to fit medium to large ear canals. Hypoallergenic silicone earplug shells are packaged in an ergonomic aluminum case for easy carry.

Listen Up

There are enough earplugs on the market that getting the right fit is easier than one might think. Earplugs protect your hearing without blocking out speech or other road sounds you need to hear for the safe operation of your motorcycle.

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