Motorcycle Safety and Fun Tips


To some, a motorcycle is a freedom. It’s the wind in your hair and on your leather motorcycle vest. It’s the open road in front of you and behind. It embodies the feeling of being alone, with no one to ask permission or question first before changing plans on a whim. But before you can be alone and earn a sense of self, you must learn to be safe. If you don’t learn safety, you won’t be on the road for very long.



To learn how to be safe on a motorcycle, you must develop the right mindset. It doesn’t matter how many driving or vehicle safety classes you take; if you have the wrong mindset while driving, you’ll endanger yourself and others. Motorcycles can be tools to drive you around the city and on the road. Or they can be the tools that you disrespect, leading you to paralyzation or early death.


When you board a motorcycle, you have joined the road and its many other drivers. Even though some may feel differently, the road is a shared space, and it’s a privilege to be there. You, along with all other riders, must be committed to riding well and defensively. It’s also a big reason why a rider buys Motorcycle Rain Gear. A good rider protects both themselves and other people.



Once you develop a proper mindset towards the open road and the other traffic on it, then you can finally hit the streets and start practicing your necessary skills. You must also have the proper attire, like a Motorcycle Protective Jacket. Whether you choose an empty parking lot or an eight-lane highway, since you now understand the responsibility of riding, you’ll be less of a danger to yourself and others.

Your Actions Affect More Than Just You

Reckless riding kills more than 13,000 people a year in the U.S. These are deaths that were avoidable if the rider cares a little bit more about the people around them. Even if reckless riders aren’t under the influence of alcohol, they can still be distracted by looking at their smartphones, eating while traveling down the road, and paying attention to their surroundings instead of keeping their eyes on the their portion of the road. A study completed by the Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute reveals that looking at your smartphone double the average rider reaction time, from two seconds to four seconds. And when it comes to traffic accidents, a split second can save or kill someone.

Even listening to music while riding on your motorcycle can prevent you from hearing other reckless rider approaching you from behind, running red lights, and skidding down the road. Some riders play their music so loud they cannot hear ambulance sirens or train horns until they’re in their line of vision. This can also cause accidents and traffic blockages.

Safety Fashion

Everyone who’s ever seen a motorcycle on the road knows that the riders must have a helmet on. But helmets aren’t the only piece of protective gear riders should have.

You can’t ride a motorcycle in just jeans and t-shirt, no matter how many movies depict their cool main character doing so. If you want to protect your brain and vital organ from splattering all over the freeway, you need to buy protective motorcycle riding gear. Clothes that are designed from riding a motorcycle have more padding and are made of more durable materials. You can purchase armored clothing, back protectors, chest protectors, and airbag vests to reduce injury when you’re knocked off your bike. Don’t wait to.

If you wish to buy clothing and gear that is built to protect the wearer from bodily harm and brain damage, like a Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket, then head over to You’ll find high-quality motorcycle riding gear that is well priced and can keep you safe in accidents.

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