Fighting the cold on a bike – motorcycle winter clothing and tips

best winter jackets for motorcycle

Winter motorcycle riding requires focus on dressing appropriately to avoid the extreme cold especially when the fashion is to ride in leather. Even a slight misstep can compromise your security and enjoyment of the activity. Especially for the riders who ride their motorcycle for fun or who are using it as the primary mode of transportation during winter, the right motorcycle winter clothing should be worn. 

Layering is essential: the first layer is one that draws sweat away from the skin, the second layer is insulating, and the final layer is one that will protect from wind and water. Select motorcycle clothing for cold weather like thermal vest, waterproof gloves and insulated boots to wear during the winter seasons. Other options such as neck gaiters, heated clothing and wingsuits can boost the level of comfort even further. Adapting means that you will be adequately ready for your warm rides when you factor everything you might need during the winter.

What to Look for in Winter Motorcycle Clothing

Choosing the right cold weather motorcycle gear is all about balancing warmth, protection, and comfort. 

Insulation: Choose thermal jackets and pants that trap heat while allowing ventilation to prevent overheating.

Waterproofing: Opt for gear with integrated waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex® or laminated fabrics to stay dry in rain or snow.

Windproof Features: Look for jackets and pants that block cold air to keep you warm and comfortable.

Flexibility and Comfort: Select gear that offers freedom of movement and can be adjusted for a snug fit.

Gloves and Boots: Ensure gloves and boots provide warmth without compromising grip or dexterity.

Reflective Elements: Enhance visibility with gear that includes reflective materials.

Durability: Choose gear that is durable enough to withstand harsh winter conditions for long-lasting use and protection.

When looking for winter motorcycle gear that combines all the above features and more, Wickedstock stands out as the best brand.

Choosing cold weather motorcycle gear for your route

Choosing the right motorcycle clothing for cold weather depends on your route and needs. For long highway trips, you’ll face a lot of cold wind, so opt for well-insulated, weatherproof gear. In contrast, for light off-road or active rides, dressing lighter is better as physical exertion generates heat; keep an extra layer handy for stops. Commuters might find heated jackets sufficient and more convenient than elaborate layering systems. Tailoring your winter gear to your specific route and activities ensures comfort, safety, and enjoyment on your rides.

Selecting Waterproof best winter jackets for motorcycle

Our Rochester Men’s Motorcycle Jacket comes under waterproof motorcycle clothing, you have two main options: laminated and removable membrane garments. Laminated garments provide the highest level of water resistance. The waterproof membrane is bonded directly to the fabric, creating a solid barrier against air and water, ensuring the garment stays completely dry. On the other hand, garments with removable membranes offer more versatility. The membrane can be taken out on warmer days, and the space between the outer layer and the removable membrane adds an extra layer of insulation, providing excellent protection against the cold on dry days.

Our Favourite Winter Motorcycle Gloves

When it comes to cold weather motorcycle gear, few things match the comfort and safety of heated gloves. Our top pick is the Black Leather Motorcycle Riding Winter Gloves, combining warmth and protection effortlessly. Featuring a fully insulated thermal lining and crafted from genuine drum-dyed cowhide leather, these gloves ensure both safety and comfort. They come equipped with an adjustable wrist strap for a personalised fit, making them highly comfortable for any rider.

Protective winter motorcycle riding pants

Keeping comfortable in the cold is all about layering up. Our Men’s Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Protective Pants are crafted from tough 600 Denier Textile fabric, renowned for durability and abrasion resistance. Featuring ultra-abrasion resistant 1680 Denier Matte fabric on the knees, every stitch is reinforced with temperature-resistant thread for longevity.

Safety is paramount with CE-rated (EN 1621-1) Hip and Knee armour pre-installed for comprehensive protection. Adjustable knee armour, waist belts, and elasticated panels ensure a personalised fit and comfort. Non-Slip Tactical Grip fabric on the seat area enhances stability, minimising sliding.

Top tips for winter motorcycle riding

Here are concise tips for safer and more enjoyable winter motorcycle rides:

  1. Gear Up Indoors: Prepare indoors to start your ride comfortably and avoid starting cold.
  2. Stay Warm: Fix gear issues immediately and keep yourself well insulated to prevent cold from creeping in.
  3. Hydrate Smartly: Balance your beverage intake to avoid dehydration from excessive caffeine, which can make you colder.
  4. Generate Heat: If feeling chilled, get off your bike and push it briefly to warm up, but avoid sweating in cold conditions.
  5. Take Breaks: Stop if you’re too cold to concentrate; seek shelter at service stations or homes of friendly strangers if needed.
  6. Embrace the Experience: Enjoy the unique tranquillity of winter rides and the beauty of frosty landscapes with proper gear and a mindset for adventure.

Generally, it is not dangerous to ride a motorcycle in winter if done in the right gear and with a bit of care despite the cold and snow. Be aware of the road surface, especially during the time of the day in the shaded areas when you are riding in zones with a lot of mountains. But don’t let the cold stop you from exploring.

We believe everyone should give winter riding a chance. The trick is to choose the right gear. Dress in layers to stay warm and consider using heated gear for extra comfort if you’re unsure about the weather. Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

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