Motorcycling the Right Way – Lessons You Need to Know


Created by Ken Condon, “Motorcycling the Right Way” is a book that’s supposed to open a motorcyclist’s eyes to the varied ways of riding a motorcycle. Each motorcyclist has their own style, a way to maneuver their motorcycle that fits their personality and agenda, depending on the reason they’re riding. There is often a plethora of debate on the value of each motorcyclist’s abilities and riding style, and that will not go away in the future. However, there is one concrete opinion that every motorcycle shares no matter who they are and how they ride.

There is definitely a wrong way to ride a motorcycle.

If you ride a motorcycle the wrong way, you look foolish, you will hurt yourself, you will hurt other people on the road, and you will cause untold amounts of damage to your motorcycle, your body, and your wallet.


One foolish way to ride that most motorcyclists agree on is to not have the proper protective gear. When you’re on your motorcycle, speeding down the highway at 70 miles an hour or more, you want to protect your body. If you don’t have one now, you should absolutely invest in motorcycle jackets with armor. This type of jacket will protect your torso from excessive damage if you get into an accident.


Responsibility to Another

Another way to be a terrible motorcycle rider is to not take into account the safety of the passenger riding with you. Whether they are behind you directly, or in a motorcycle sidecar, your first priority should be to the other person whose life you have in your hands. Any motorcycle drivers who are reckless assume that because a person is riding with them, they want to do the same crazy stunts or race against someone like the rider does. But when you’re with someone, you cannot use your motorcycle to be reckless. You will never forgive yourself if a terrible accident hurts your rider.

If you have a passenger that ride with you frequently, tell them to purchase a leather motorcycle pants. This type of pants keep you warm in the cold and make sitting for long periods of time much easier. Also, if the person you were riding with is good friends with you, when you purchase your motorcycle jackets, you can also add biker vest patches.

It may be a bit cheesy, but matching outfits with your best friend is timeless and shows the strength of the bond that you have with each other. So customizing your jackets with the same patches and styles, it’ll show everyone on the freeway around you that you are a team.


The Mind

The last way you must learn about is the way of your mind. Even though you’re riding on the back of a steel and chrome machine with leather and rubber, the power of the motorcycle is not actually in its engine. It is in the mind of the driver. Motorcycle riding, like most other intense activities, is all about the mental state of the person driving. This is why new riders hurt themselves more often than older writers. They have not developed the mental state they need to anticipate problems and avoid dangerous situations.

One way to train the mind is to make sure to be prepared for all situations. This is so you can travel in any weather and be prepared for the next scenario. Make sure to purchase for yourself motorcycle rain gear so the wind and the rain can’t stop you from getting to your destination.

If you have finally realized that you need to start taking riding more seriously, then we suggest you purchase the proper gear you need to keep your body and mind safe. Head over to to purchase high-quality gear that will last a long time and can take a beating.

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