Never Ride Your Motorcycle Without Protective Gear

Never Ride Your Motorcycle Without Protective Gear

We, motorcyclists, are natural-born thrill-seekers. There’s no way someone fearful of new things could ever ride a motorcycle. Those who prefer riding motorcycles over driving cars seek freedom to be themselves. But they have the opportunity. They will embrace what they truly want in life. It may get a little dangerous, but that’s just the price we pay for not being okay with the status quo.

If you’re like me, you love riding your motorcycle on the wide-open road. There’s nothing better and more healing to my spirits than looking down an endless asphalt road underneath a big, bright blue sky.

But if we motorcyclists are not careful, our two-wheeled escapades could end in the blink of an eye. Whether you are on the open road or in a crowded downtown city center, driving is dangerous.


To me, it feels like the most important factor that creates danger on the road is other drivers and other motorcycle riders. I’m not a fan of big government, but I think there needs to be a more thorough driving exam. It feels like the moment people receive their license from the DMV, they mean they forget how to drive and just wing it.

What are some things that drivers do which make driving so dangerous?

  • Stop randomly in the middle of the street
  • They do not use their blinkers when they’re about to turn
  • They don’t use their blinkers when they’re changing lanes
  • Many drivers don’t check their left and right sides when they are entering an intersection
  • They do not slow down when there is a sharp turn ahead
  • They do not look behind them when they’re backing up

These are just a few things drivers that could have dangerous consequences.

Does Riding Practice Need Proper Gear? Yes, it is so important for motorcyclists to wear all of their motorcycle gear. You should never jump on the back of your motorcycle without a jacket, pants, boots, a helmet, gloves, and under armor.

If you forget any of these essential motorcycle gear items, you will be in for a world of pain.

What if I don’t wear my helmet?

Of all the mistakes a rider could make, not wearing your helmet is the biggest. The helmet protects your skull and the area where your spine meets your brain. If you get into an accident and you don’t have a helmet on, there is no way to protect yourself if your head slams onto the pavement.

Plus, you will not have the protection of the visor that protects your eyes and face. When you ride your motorcycle, you cannot see and the wind will blow into your eyes, making it difficult to keep them open.

What if I don’t have my motorcycle jacket on?

When you’re on the back of a motorcycle, you are more likely to develop a windburn and terrible sunburn. Without wearing a men’s motorcycle vest or a mesh motorcycle jacket, the elements will ruin your skin’s health. If it rains, there will be no way for you to stay dry. And if you get into an accident, you will develop many more abrasions and cuts and bruises than if you had your jacket on.


What if I don’t like to wear motorcycle gloves?

By not wearing a pair of gloves when you ride your motorcycle, you will exhaust your hands and ruin your grip. Your hands will also be exposed to the sun and the wind. If you have a pair of leather motorcycle gloves that make your grip slippery, get rid of them. They’re probably old and made of poor-quality leather. A good pair of motorcycle riding gloves will improve your traction and grip.

If you’ve been riding your motorcycle without jackets, pants, or gloves, head over to to get the equipment you need. You should never be without your writing equipment. It does not matter if you were writing a thousand miles away or just to the 7-Eleven on the corner. Accidents can happen anywhere.

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