Never Trust A Distracted Driver

never trust a distracted driver

I don’t know about you, but I believe that the quality of people’s driving has dropped significantly in the past 5 years. So many good and responsible people are now getting into accidents through no fault of their own.

I know people who have walked to their car after a long day of work only to find that someone had sideswiped them. And they didn’t leave their insurance card behind!

For my friends and I who are on motorcycles, driving on the freeway is nearly suicidal. Sometimes I believe that the cars and the trucks, oh my gosh the trucks, are deliberately trying to hit me. I follow quite a few motorcycle forums and I see the videos that other motorcyclists are posting. So many near hits and many of these near hits are caused by cars, SUVs, and truck drivers staring at their phones.

What Should We Do To Protect Ourselves From Distracted Drivers?

Practice Defensive Motorcycle Driving

Treating every vehicle like they are being driven by a drunk person is a great way to Ride With Pride and Safety. Keep away from all other vehicles and routinely look in your rear-view mirror. If you see a car getting close to you, switch to an empty lane. The farther you are away from other vehicles, the more time you will have to respond if you see danger coming your way.

Get Yourself A Gopro Or Another Recording Device For Your Motorcycle

One reason distracted drivers could be distracted is that they don’t care. They would rather look anywhere else than on the road. These people will not change their driving habits for anyone, especially motorcyclists.

They believe they rule the road and anyone who gets near them is in their way. If you get into an accident with one of these entitled distracted drivers, you can best believe they will do their absolute best to convince the police that you’re the one at fault.

But no one has to believe anyone’s word when there’s video evidence. If you haven’t purchased a recording device for your motorcycle, now is the time. Don’t wait until your next motorcycle accident or near miss to purchase one. They’re quite cheap nowadays.

Wear The Right Gear

But no matter how diligent you are, one of these destructive drivers will eventually slam into your motorcycle. All you can do is hope that the accident will occur on a crowded side street and the driver is only driving at 20 to 20 mph. This is the best type of accident.

If a distracted driver slams into our back wheel while at 75 mph, the only thing we can hope for is to die instantly and with no pain. That may sound incredibly morbid, but there is a certain level of danger to motorcycle riding, and that’s why it’s not for everyone.

When you get back on your motorcycle today or tomorrow, be sure to wear Motorcycle Racing Pants, Motorcycle Protective Jackets, and Motorcycle Riding Gloves for your safety. If it is raining, then wear a rain suit. These four pieces of gear will keep you warm and dry in the winter, protect you from the skin-boiling rays of the Sun in the summer, and will provide you with some small cushion if a vehicle hits your motorcycle.

Have all the fun you want on your motorcycle, just wear the proper gear. A regular leather jacket just won’t cut it; you need a real motorcycle jacket.

There are many places online where you can purchase quality motorcycle gear, but many of those sites are expensive.

I always shop at All their motorcycle gear is well-made and protects motorcyclists from the elements and dangers on the road.

Much of the gear at is on sale, and if you miss one sale, there’s always another sale around the corner.

You never have to buy high-quality motorcycle gear at expensive prices. When you’re done reading this, head over to WickedStock’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and take a look! You could find the perfect gloves or jacket you’ve been looking for!

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