Places to Carry Your Wallet for Maximum Safety

Places to Carry Your Wallet Your Wallet Safety

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, protecting your wallet is of utmost importance. While those who drive cars and trucks don’t have to worry about their wallet falling out of their vehicle onto the side of the road, it is a very real worry for those who ride motorcycles. Most motorcyclists keep their wallets in their back pockets. Even women who have purses do this as well. Storing your wallet in your back pocket is a very common area to put it, but those who drive motorcycles should take extra precaution on where they place their wallet.

If you ask a motorcycle rider who lost their wallet while driving the motorcycle, don’t be surprised if they tell you that they didn’t notice that their wallet was gone until they stopped driving. Then, after discovering their wallet fell out of their pocket, they had to circle back and search every part of the road and retrace their exact movements in the hopes of finding it. But not all people who lose their wallet get it back. To avoid this, here are a few places where you can place your wallet on your body so it can be stored safely before you rev your engine and hit the road.

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Inside your jacket pocket or in a zipped pocket

Besides the pocket of a pair of jeans, the jacket pocket is the most common place to store a wallet. Some people prefer to store their wallets in their jacket pocket and not buy a jacket if it does not come with a pocket inside the jacket. Some people would purchase their leather motorcycle jacket, sew a pocket into the inside, and then store their wallets in their back pocket. You can too save your money by buying leather jacket from WickedStock and win the races with Summer Motorcycle Jackets.

Inside a backpack

Even if you have rain pants with side zippers, you can never trust the rain and how it will affect your clothing. All it takes is one unzipped pocket, and your wallet can go flying out onto the side of the road. And if you think looking for your wallet on the highway is hard when it is sunny and bright, try doing it when you’re in the middle of a thunderstorm. There is very little chance that you will ever see that wallet again. But if you are wearing a backpack, it is best to store your wallet in the deepest part of your backpack.

At the bottom of your shoe

You may not be able to store your entire wallet at the bottom of your shoe, but in certain sketchy areas around town, you may want to separate the contents of your wallet into several places in case you get mugged. So put your ID in the pocket of your motorcycle riding gloves and store your cash in your leather biker vest.

Some people may call you paranoid, but at least you won’t have all of your most important items all in one place. If you are mud, you can give them your well, knowing full well that there is nothing of value inside it.

But these hiding spots won’t be available to you if you don’t have the right gear. As a motorcyclist, wearing the right gear is about so much more than fashion. It is about protection and resourcefulness. So if you are in the market for some brand new motorcycle gear that won’t break your budget, head over to

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