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Thousands of fatal motorcycle accidents occur every year because other motorists do not notice the presence of a motorcycle on the roadway. One of the best ways to increase your conspicuity, or obvious presence, on the road is to wear specially designed high-visibility clothing. In fact, one study found that motorcyclists are 37% less likely to be involved in a motorcycle crash when they are wearing high-visibility or fluorescent clothing. Wearing a Hi Visibility Motorcycle Pants may not be a very fashionable thing for some riders, but a little dash of color can go a long way in preventing a crash.

For this very important reason WICKED STOCK designers always take in to account the visibility of riders wearing our Hi Visibility Motorcycle Pants. All our Hi Visibility Motorcycle Pants have generous reflective striping to ensure your conspicuity during night time, bad weather and other low visibility conditions. Our designers are well aware of the fact that putting reflective materials anywhere on the riding pants is just not going to serve the purpose. Reflective material should be able to do its job while the rider is in the riding position; so apparently reflective materials on inner thigh or right under the butt are not going to work when you are riding the motorcycle. Outer leg, knee and calf are some of the areas where reflective and Hi-Viz paneling and Stripes will work the best. Search our extensive Hi Visibility Motorcycle Pants catalog to see the pants that suits your riding style the best. Many styles from our Textile Motorcycle pants and Leather motorcycle pants categories qualify for high visibility pants.

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