Mesh Motorcycle Pants

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Mesh Motorcycle Pants

WICKED STOCK has huge variety of Mesh Motorcycle Pants for different motorcycle riding styles and needs. Many riders think of mesh pants as providing very minimal or no protection at all. This is certainly not true. All of WICKED STOCK Mesh Motorcycle Pants have a shell that is made from highly abrasion resistance 600 Denier Polyester. Many Mesh Motorcycle pants have reinforced panels made of 1080 Denier Polyester that are used extensively in strategic impact areas like hips, knees and butt. Mesh Motorcycle Pants are essentially Textile Motorcycle Pants with extensive mesh paneling to allow air flow and keep the rider cool in extreme hot and humid weather.

In addition to solid and abrasion resistant Polyester chassis all our Mesh Motorcycle Pants come pre-installed with CE rated hip and knee armor. All the armor is EN1621-1 compliant for your safety and peace of mind.

Mesh Motorcycle Pants are generally designed to be the gear of choice for hot weather only. While this is certainly true for other brands, WICKED STOCK has gone a step further and tried to make our Mesh Motorcycle Pants as versatile as possible. Most of the Mesh Motorcycle Pants come with a removable thermal liner that allows you to extend your riding season in to Fall and early winter. Of course, with the thermal liner removed, the Mesh pants are just great for hottest of the weather. Many Mesh Motorcycle Pants have a built in breathable waterproof liner. This not only keeps you dry during wet weather but also helps you stay cool and comfortable. Breathable fabrics have very small pores that do not allow rain water to get in but allow human sweat to evaporate, thereby keeping human body cool.

Like Textile Motorcycle pants and Leather Motorcycle Pants, our Mesh Pants are designed to provide best fit by allowing you to fine tune the waist via waist belts, buckles and stretchable waist inserts. We offer all our Mesh pants in Short and Tall sizes that cover a broad range of inseams and waist measurements.

Our Mesh Motorcycle Pants come with tons of useful features like reflective striping for nigh time visibility, and ample storage for your belongings like cell phone, keys etc. Find the features you need in a range of prices to fit any budget and enjoy the free shipping we offer for all orders in continental US.