Protect Yourself from Death and Maiming with Body Armor

For every one of us who would rather sit on the back of a motorcycle and ride out into the rain instead of sitting in a vehicle, riding is our life. There’s no place we would rather be and no vehicle we would rather drive. Once we rev the engine of our bikes and drive out into the sunset, we feel like we can do anything. All we need is a water bottle, a tank full of gas, and our favorite leather motorcycle jacket and leather motorcycle gloves. Nothing can stop us, and nothing can keep us down.

But it is important to acknowledge that there are some dangerous aspects to motorcycle riding. For starters, if we ride on the back of motorcycles, we have no protection against the elements other than the clothing that we wear. This is why motorcycle riders must wear the correct gear for their climate. Nobody in the North Pacific should ever go out in winter without a snow jacket or waterproof motorcycle pants. 

If you lived in Arizona or New Mexico, you had better think twice before leaving the house without motorcycle riding jackets and sunscreen. You could turn into a big red Blister in less than half an hour.

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But no matter where you live or where you ride, there are some pieces of motorcycle gear that every single Rider should wear. Everyone must wear a helmet, pants with armor, jackets with armor, wrist and Ankle stabilizer, they should always have a bottle of water with them. Now, there are two other gear pieces that you should add to your motorcycle outfit. The first is a phone mount, and that goes on your motorcycle. The second is body armor.

Why Do You Need Body Armor?

Surprisingly, many people who ride motorcycles don’t wear body armor consistently. But you need to add body armor to the list of items you wear whenever you ride. If you wonder, Why We All Need Motorcycle Body Armor, let me tell you that, a well-placed and well-made piece of body armor can be the difference between a bruised rib and a funeral.

But what kind of body armor is out there and what do you need to know about? Here is just a small sample of what you need to know.

First of all, and most obviously, the body armor you wear needs to fit your body. You can’t wear a chest piece that is too tight around the waist or chest. Second, you have to look out for armor that has a high impact protection rate. That means that the armor will be able to protect you from the incoming impact in a crash.


The third factor used to watch out for when purchasing body armor is how well it moved in Ben’s. If you sit on your motorcycle with your body armor and can’t seem to stretch and twist as much as you would normally, then you need to find a more functional piece of gear.

So those are the three factors you need to know when purchasing body armor. As much as you may not want to wear another piece of gear along with all of the clothes you already have to wear, not wearing it could mean life or death.

But maybe wearing isn’t your issue. Maybe you just don’t want to spend more money. Let’s face it, a well-made piece of body armor could fill up your tank with gas two or three times.

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