Protecting Your Money While Traveling By Motorcycle

Protecting your money while traveling by motorcycle

The joy that a person experiences from traveling is all-encompassing, and everyone should feel this type of joy at least once in their lives. Luckily for motorcyclists, that joyous feeling is only a motorcycle away. Many motorcyclists have been on at least one road trip since they purchased their first bike, and most have completed two or more. The motorcycle is known for its spontaneity and sense of adventure it instills in the person riding it.

But there is one event that can happen while you’re on the road that can destroy your trip, and that is losing your money or having your money stolen. When you lose the money you planned on using for the entire road trip, everything grinds to a halt, and you have to go back home. And that is if you only lose your cash. If someone steals your credit or debit card, the thief could be racking up purchases while you frantically look for the customer service number to cancel the card.

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Of course, you should know 3 Ways to Protect You and Your Motorcycle. So here are a few tips you need to practice while you’re on your next motorcycle road trip. These tips will save you a lot of heartache and headaches.

Keep small amounts of money in different areas on your body/backpack

When you keep cash with you, don’t just leave it all in your wallet. Storing some of your money in the inner pockets of a mens leather moto jacket can protect you so you won’t be as vulnerable in case your wallet falls out of your back pocket, or someone swipes it off you.

Another good place to put a few bills is in the inner lining of your leather motorcycle gloves.

Use debit/credit card in official places and cash in sketchy places

While you’re on your motorcycle road trip, you will come across some sketchy places where every moment you are inside the building, the atmosphere gives a stabbing vibe. In these buildings and areas, don’t use your credit and debit card.

These are the places where you use cash, and you only use cash. Even if you are at a gas station, it’s better to spend your cash in these areas. When you’re in a popular area, or you are at a nice-looking ATM, that is when you use your debit or credit card.

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Use smartphone payment apps and use a lock on your phone

Thanks to today’s technology, no one has to carry cash in their wallets as long as they frequent the right stores. Depending on the type of phone you have, you could use many different smartphone payment apps to pay for your items and keep your cash safe. And the best thing about using smartphone apps is that if you were to lose your phone or it is stolen from you, no one will be able to use it since they have to have your thumbprint or face to access any apps. The only app they will be able to use is the camera app, and they won’t even be able to look through your gallery. So, if you use smartphone payment apps, always be sure to enable the lock on your home screen.

Don’t buy essential gear items on the road

Major purchases should not be made while traveling. First of all, depending on the item’s size, you won’t be able to take it back to your home with you. If you need to buy a new pair of mens leather biker pants or motorcycle racing pants, wear the new pair and throw out the old ones.

Second, major purchases require research and time to sort through fake and broken items. So, unless you truly trust the item you’re buying and the seller you are buying it from, it’s best to buy the item when you are in the comfort of your home.

And lastly, major purchases can drain you of your travel money. So, save the shopping trip to when you’re back home and keep your money for travel and entertainment costs.

A motorcycle road trip can be fun, whether you’re solo or in a group. Protecting your money from online thieves and those who steal will keep the trip from becoming short and stressful. Make sure you have the right motorcycle gear for a road trip. The best place to purchase high-quality motorcycle gear that fits your road trip budget is on If you want to see what to buy and keep up with their latest products, follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

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