Ride to Improve your Health!

Ride to Improve your Health!

There’s nothing in the world that feels quite like getting on the back of a motorcycle and staring out onto the road in front of you. In fact, some motorcyclists say that they don’t get this feeling from any other activity. Riding their motorcycle as the sun sets beyond the horizon is a unique feeling. It is a feeling that many motorcyclists look forward to every time they set out on a ride.

Sometimes, the feeling starts long before they even see their motorcycle. As the rider slips on their favorite mens leather biker pants or their motorcycle jackets with armor, they can feel as peace wash over them. Because putting on their gear happens before they sit on their motorcycle, their brain is conditioned to enter into the riding mindset.

improve your health

Well, it looks like this unique feeling of freedom and endless adventure is actually the feeling of low cortisol levels and a stress-free mindset. According to scientists, motorcyclists who ride their motorcycles regularly are less stressed out than when they participate in other activities.

So that goes to prove it!

Riding your motorcycle is healthy and improves your mental health!

Actually, there are several other documented benefits to riding motorcycles. Here are some of the best benefits of riding a motorcycle.

Improved Focus

Nothing will force you to focus more on your surroundings and on your every move than not being protected by steel and airbags on a busy freeway. But that’s not all. When a motorcyclist truly focuses on their surroundings and driving their motorcycle, neuroscientists have found that the brain of a motorcyclist enters a meditation-like state.

Lowered Stress Levels

In addition to the previous information about cortisol that we mentioned, scientists found that after motorcyclists finished riding and reached their destination, riders’ stress levels dropped over 25% more than before they rode their motorcycle. That is a fantastic drop in stress levels. If pharmaceutical companies could make a pill that drops a person’s cortisol levels by 25% in less than 20 minutes, they would be 10 times richer than they are right now.

Activity Level is Equivalent to Light Exercise

While motorcycle riding won’t replace a hard workout, it may replace a light 20-minute power walk. Not only does maneuvering around a busy city increase your heart rate, but it also increases your adrenaline levels. This increase would be bad if motorcycle riding did not lower your cortisol levels. But luckily it does and that’s why it is equivalent to light exercise.


So, the next time you feel stressed out and tired, that means it is time to go for a ride. To get the maximum benefits of riding on a motorcycle, ride for at least 20 minutes and try to make the ride as interruption-free as possible. Perhaps there is a small freeway in your area that isn’t too crowded. If you can’t find an area without a lot of stoplights, then ride around a space that has a lot of trees and nature. If you want to go off-road, check out these Three Best Off-Road Motorcycles to make your ride more comfortable.

But every time you ride, you must wear your motorcycle gear. Your wonderful stress-free ride could be completely ruined by a crash. Also, not wearing the right gear can keep you in the hospital for a while and the hospital is definitely not a stress-free environment.

Some of the best items you can own are motorcycle rain gear for a men’s leather moto jacket. If your gear looks old and worn out, then it is time to go shopping!

If you’re not sure where to buy high-quality motorcycle gear head over to WICKESTOCK.COM or visit their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page. There is always a sale right around the corner, so you can get great gear at a discounted price!

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