Rider Training – Do You Still Comply?


Have You Digressed?

You have your motorcycle license, been riding for a couple of years; do you still adhere to your safety training? Did you know that many motorcycle accidents involve riders without training?  Ninety-two percent of riders involved in accidents were self-taught or learned from friends or family. Rider inattention is a common factor in many motorcycle accidents.

Experience on the bike involved in an accident was less than 5 months, but the rider had about 3 years riding experience. Reaction time for a rider to avoid an accident is less than 2 seconds, remembering you accident avoidance techniques is crucial. In our article, Five Things You Might Want To Know Before You Begin Riding A Motorcycle we talked about five things you needed to know before beginning to ride. Number 4 was the importance of rider safety training.

 Advanced Rider Training At Its Best


Do riders who have gone through rider safety training courses forget what they were taught after riding for a year or two? The sad part here is motorcycle accident deaths are at 14% of all accident fatalities in 2017, which is 5,286 dead bikers. Are these stats a result of riders who went through safety training only to ignore what they learned? It looks as though that might be the case. Speaking of looks, wearing Men Textile Motorcycle Pants will make you stand out in a crowd, looking good.

A Study of Rider Training

Do stats tell the truth about rider training & accidents?


A study in 1989 concluded that riders with safety training had fewer accidents, and the accidents were less severe. In 2007 another study found that riders who completed rider safety training courses were 44% more likely to get into an accident. The study went on to say riders who completed a second course were 180% more likely to have an accident. The two studies contradict each other, which is right?

The study did reveal that safety trained riders are more apt to wear Men Leather Motorcycle Pants with the armor inserts in place. The NHTSA in 2010 held a panel discussion assessing the effectiveness of entry-level motorcycle training. Here is the kicker, there is not enough data to support whether or not basic MC training is practical or not. The NHTSA cites the lack of stats on the relationships between impaired driving on trained and untrained riders. The NHTSA recommends further studies be conducted on the relationships between a person’s car and truck driving records and their motorcycle driving records.

What’s The Answer?

Right now, there isn’t one at least not officially. Experience has taught you that rider safety training makes you a safer rider than you would be without it. Experience also dictates that you wear 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket for protection and that great look. So, do we need government research to tell us that rider safety training helps riders avoid and even prevent accidents?

No, we do not.

A Refreshing Thought

The thought here is, do you need to take an advanced training course every couple of years or so? Yes, you should take a refresher or even an advanced rider course as we tend to forget what we learned.

By taking a refresher course, you might learn a new accident avoidance technique that you were not taught the first time through. We all get rusty by refreshing your skills you will perform like a well-oiled machine. You will need all the safety tricks available when dealing with drivers who instinctively fail to notice the motorcycle on the road with them.

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