Riding Fast Is Easy – You Try It


Do This First

Riding fast is something any half-wit who should not be riding a motorcycle can do. In many cases there are consequences, remember speed kills, well, actually it is the sudden stop, you get the point. Riding extremely fast on streets or highways can be costly, fines, loss of driving privileges, higher insurance rates, you know all the fun stuff.

Do what the smart rider does learn to ride fast at the track. When you go to the track for training wear your Men Motorcycle Leather Racing Jacket for that confidence, I am ready to learn look. Remember our article about track day?

Go to the track on track day and learn what is required of you and your bike to run the track at high speeds. Riding a motorcycle at racing speeds does not happen overnight, it takes practice to develop the skills to ride fast.

Learn At Track School

Checking in at the track


Motorcycle riders are not fast, the motorcycle is really fast. You want to learn how to ride fast with skills like body position, brake and throttle control, proper cornering at speed, a track school is the place for you.

Here Is Why

There is a reason you want to obtain motorcycle track training. One, to quench your desire to ride faster. Two, make riding faster as safe as you can and learn to do it subconsciously, safety becomes a habit. As you may know from your visits to the track on a track day, riding faster under supervision helps to form “good riding habits.” Those “good riding habits’ have to become second nature for you to be a successful motorcycle speed rider. Track training will help you form those good riding habits before you form the bad riding habits that get riders into trouble.

Crashing a motorcycle usually leaves the rider with confidence issues that can lead to another accident in the same situation. Track training can help a rider with confidence issues overcome those issues by breaking through the barriers causing those issues. Track training sometimes comes with a spill or two be sure to wear your Motorcycle Armor Leather Jacket and stay protected.

Benefits, Two Important Ones

Coming out of the corner faster and then carnking it up for the straight a way.


As a motorcycle rider who rides every day you know that there are areas where you are weak. Track training will improve those weak spots and bring them up to snuff. Do you need track training to ride faster, no you don’t? Striking out on your own and you may end up learning the riding faster game all wrong.

Body Position and Cornering

With the right body position cornering is easy.


Often when cornering a rider will shift his/her body position to better maneuver the bike through the corner. Your body weight is a part of the overall combined weight of the bike. Shifting your body weight on the seat will affect how the bike handles in turns. Get it wrong and the turn may not go as smoothly as you would like.

For one thing, the weight shift done right is what anchors the front tire to the road surface for a more stable turn. Race track training is the best way to get your body positioning correct for better control in the turns. If you want to be able to ride faster with more confidence then getting race track training is the only answer. One more thing, when the instructors explain to you what you need to do to correct bad habits, listen and learn.

Hop onto Wicked Stock look up the Motorcycle Racing Suits For Men, you will probably want one for your race track training sessions.

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