Riding on icy or snowy roads? Beware!

Riding on icy or snowy roads- Beware!

The true motorcyclist is ready to hit the road, no matter what type of weather comes their way. But just because someone has the willingness to do something doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. Riding a motorcycle in certain dangerous weather may be easier than maneuvering a heavy truck or a large SUV, but that doesn’t mean that the rider will be safe in every situation.

Learning how to maneuver and handle your motorcycle in certain situations is important to the development of your motorcycle riding skills. If you were someone who grew up living in the snow for half a year, it is still important for you to distinguish that handling a motorcycle on icy roads is different from handling a car or SUV. This also goes for motorcyclists who live in year-round sunny areas but want to take a trip up to the snow when the winter comes.


So how does a motorcyclist ride a motorcycle in icy or snowy conditions?

The first piece of knowledge all motorcyclists must practice on icy or snowy roads is to reduce their speed. Hydroplaning on icy roads is the number one mistake riders and drivers make when they are not used to traveling on such roads. You won’t want to crash and ruin your winter mens leather biker jacket or your new winter motorcycle rain pants.

FYI, please check Why Should You Wear a Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

The second piece of knowledge all motorcyclists need is how to purchase winter tires for their motorcycles. Just like cars and trucks, motorcycles need winter tires that have much more traction. Ice makes roads slippery, and regular tires do not have the right amount of traction to keep you firmly in your lane when traveling down the road or Highway.

Thirdly, if you see that snow has already been compacted down by previous cars and trucks, that does not mean it is safer to drive on than an icy Road. Since the snow is compacted down, it can be just as slippery. So, take caution and drive slower than you normally would. And always wear your motorcycle racing gloves. 

So when should you put your motorcycle in the garage and hop into a car or truck?

Unfortunately, there will be times when the weather is so bad, or the roads are so dangerous that riding a motorcycle is more of a curse than a blessing. First of all, you should never ever ride your motorcycle through a blizzard. In fact, no one should be on the road during a blizzard. If anyone has to be on the road, they should be in a large truck and only traveling 15 to 25 miles an hour. If you look outside and there is more wind and snow than you’re comfortable with, take your boots off and curl up with a tasty hot chocolate. Your motorcycle rain suit won’t be enough in this situation.


Where Can I Buy Winter gear?

Buying winter gear should be as easy as buying everyday motorcycle gear. But not every motorcycle outlet or store has good winter gear. This is especially true if the motorcyclist lives nowhere near snow. So that means a motorcyclist who wants to buy winter gear has to wait until the winter season comes. Or they could travel to a cold area. Waiting to buy winter gear until wintertime is a hassle, and they could end up spending even more money since stores know that riders will pay any price in order to prevent freezing in the cold. So where is a motorcyclist supposed to go and buy winter gear that won’t drain their bank account?

They can go to Wickedstock.com! This site has amazingly well-made gear that will Stand up to any type of weather. Anyone can also go to their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter page and check out all the latest fashions. They can browse around the site and get an idea of what they need. If you need any help, customer service is always willing to help!

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