Riding The Pages: Books You Need To Read On A Rainy Day


When you’re too tired to control your motorcycle, and the roads are just far too dangerous, it may be best if you relaxed on your bed or couch and opened up a good book. Besides, rain and snow are excellent reasons to curl up in bed with a good book. Make sure to make yourself some tea or coffee first before you get under the covers.



First, we’ll start with a movie. (Yes, we know this is an article about books, but sometimes a movie about riding motorcycle just hits the spot). If you like movies about speed demons and conquering your biggest obstacles. Then you’re going to like the movie “Road.” it is a biographical movie about the brothers Joey and Robert Dunlop. Together, they raced in the Ulster Grand Prix and the 2013 Isle of Man TT, among others. The film is dedicated to their unbelievably hard work and fearless effort in the face of dangerous stunts and treacherous roads.

In the movie, you’ll notice that one of the brothers has on a mesh jacket. If you have been inspired by the movie and the actions of the brothers in pursuit of the glory of motorcycle racing, you can get a mesh motorcycle jacket. You can get a mesh jacket in any color you wish, and you can wear it whenever you need a little extra courage. You can use it to draw upon the strength of the brothers Dunlop. If you still want to enjoy the rainy ride, you must know How to Choose Best Motorcycle Rain Gear?


How to Restore Your Harley Davidson

Not every book in your library needs to be a literary masterpiece. Sometimes, you just want to read a book that tells us what to do and when to do it. That was Bruce Palmer’s intention when he wrote “How to restore your Harley-Davidson.” with a plethora of photographs, side notes, tool suggestions, and a reference in the back, you be able to service any Harley Davidson motorcycle that you come across.

If you know a Harley-Davidson Rider or you are one yourself, then you know you need to have leather motorcycle gloves. Controlling such a powerful motorcycle requires you to have a strong grip, so you need to use leather gloves. Along with the leather gloves, no Harley-Davidson Rider is complete without placing biker vest patches on their leather vest or motorcycle jacket. Creating a fashion style for yourself is a necessity when you are controlling a 2500+ pound machine for hours and hours on the road.

Obsessions Die Hard

Next on our list is “Obsessions Die Hard: Motorcycling the Pan America highway’s Jungle Gap by Ed Culberson.” When it comes to riding the unrideable road, Ed Culberson is a man who never leaves his motorcycle seat, not for swamps, jungles, mountains, treacherous paths, and muddy roads. Sometimes, to dedicate yourself to the art of the ride, you need to stay on your motorcycle no matter what becomes your obstacle. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of freedom and Independence than navigating a treacherous pathway on your motorcycle can give you.

If you’re dreaming of taking a big trip like Culberson and travel the entire length of a country, you’ll need motorcycle gear that can adapt to any weather. We would like to suggest that you purchased rain pants with side zippers. These pants will keep your lower half warm and dry, and you will still be able to hold items in your pocket. These pants can be used over your snow clothes. You can use these pants to prevent your winter clothing from being soaked by the sleet and snow.

When the weather improves or you just cannot take staying in your home any longer, and it’s time for you to ride again, make sure you have high-quality gear that will keep you safe and free from illness. Go on over to www.wickedstock.com to find amazing and durable gloves, pants, leather jackets, and so much more for warehouse prices.

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