Save Money at the Dealer: Ways to Bargain for a Cheaper Motorcycle


Motorcycle buying season is right around the corner, and many dealers are offering good credit line deals and forgoing down payments. But there is always a way to get a better deal from a dealership than what they are offering.

First, there are a few things we must go over with our readers, in case motorcycle dealers try to overwhelm you with the automotive industry jargon to confuse you and charge you more money. And if you spend too much money, then you won’t be able to buy a brand new leather biker vest, so you can look as good as your new motorcycle does.

Term to Know

MSRP – manufacturer’s suggested retail price – the price manufacturer tells the dealer that their motorcycle should retail for to make a good profit but still be appealing to customers. It is suggested so the dealer can raise or lower the price if they want to.

Before You Step on the Lot

First, know which motorcycles are in demand and which ones aren’t. If the demand for the motorcycle you want is high, then the dealer will be less negotiable with you. They know someone will definitely come along and pay a higher price. If the motorcycle you want is in high demand, then wait for a few months and come back later.

Second, do some research and know precisely how much you want your new motorcycle to cost. Once you figure out this number, do not stray from it at all in your negotiations.

If the motorcycle you want is so in demand that you’ll have to wait at least two years for the price even to start wavering, don’t buy it. Find your desired motorcycle’s previous models and see if there is one you want to buy.

Models don’t vary a lot from year to year, so purchasing a three or 4-year-old model can satisfy your needs while keeping the price down. If not, try discovering who is the direct competitor of the manufacturer that makes your desired motorcycle. They might have a motorcycle with similar features that is already for sale or coming out soon.



Ok, so now let’s go over some strategies so you can get the best price for your new motorcycle that your wallet will be proud of.


If you are the type of shopper who loves add ons and extras, then instead of seeking a lower price in your conversation with the salesman, try to get extra perks without increasing the cost. Some extras you could seek out are spare tires, a new coat of paint, free oil changes, discounted repairs, attachable storage compartment, etc. When you have your customized motorcycle, you can customize yourself and start wearing motorcycle jackets with armor. Drive in style and be safe at the same time.

I’m Ready Now

If you’ve ever talked to a salesman, you’ve heard him say that most people try to get them to panic by threatening to walk away and come back another day. That trick is so last decade. If you want to make a salesman more willing to negotiate this year, then tell them you are ready to put down a deposit today.

Not many people have the money to do this, so you’ll have your salesman’s full attention. After you put down your deposit and purchase a motorcycle, the salesman will be so happy that you might be given a pair of men’s black leather gloves so that you can start your journey in fashion.

Warning – Watch out When Cheap is Too Cheap


Thanks to the internet, you can always find how much money it took to produce a motorcycle. Memorize this number, and when you’re at the dealer, make sure the salesman doesn’t go too close to this number. It sounds counterintuitive, but if a motorcycle sells at a price too close to its manufacturing price, that could indicate problems with the motorcycle.


Research has shown that winter is the best time of the year for dealers to give discounts and bargain on motorcycles. It must be the Christmas spirit filling up their hearts! If you buy during the winter, you can also purchase a brown leather motorcycle jacket. For the holiday spirit, brown is far more festive than black.

After you haggle like a pro and buy your new motorcycle at a fraction of its price, you can head over to Wickedstock to buy stylish clothing. Once you match your new motorcycle, you can hit the road and never look back.

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