Six Bad Things People Do When They Own a Motorcycle


There’s a reason why you need a license to ride a motorcycle. You must earn your ability to drive on the road. But maybe there should be a second test. It will prevent some of the reasons from happening. There’s no test in the making, so we wrote this quick guide to show you the worst things you could do if you own a motorcycle.


1. They Don’t Protect Themselves With The Right Gear

If you were to go sky diving, wouldn’t you wear the appropriate gear so you could live? I know you would, so why wouldn’t’ you wear the appropriate gear when you’re on a metal machine flying down the highway at 70mph? Many people don’t wear proper clothing until they get into the first crash. Not wearing motorcycle protective jackets can leave you open to serious injury. Just buy the armor you need now and save your mother from having to go coffin shopping.

2. They Don’t Keep Up Maintenance

Why buy an $8,000+ motorcycle if you don’t want to keep it in good shape. If the motorcycle has damage from neglect, you could end up being seriously injured. If the brakes are old and worn, you’ll have no way to stopping when you’re coasting down a hill.

Plus, neglecting repairs until they become worse will hurt your wallet more than getting a routine checkup. If you don’t want to care for your motorcycle correctly, then it would be best if you sold if, and give it to someone who cares. If you have a motorcycle that needs maintenance, then you should put on your motorcycle riding gloves and head over the shop immediately.

3. They Overestimate Their Skills

The first three months of riding will be difficult, as many riders are learning the new rules of the road for motorcycles. But after this time is over, many riders feel bolder and more confident, regardless of their actual driving skills.

If you’re someone who has only been riding for less than a year, you need to keep your inhibitions in check and realize your skills aren’t developed. Take your time and ride your motorcycle every day and through nighttime, rain, fog, and on the freeway. The more often you practice in different situations, the faster you will improve.


4. They Don’t Have Rain Protection

Riding in the rain is a skill that takes time to master and can’t be neglected. If you know the rain is coming and you have to ride during the storm, then you need to have waterproof motorcycle pants.

These pants will protect your legs from being soaked and won’t let your body temperature drop, which is what gets you sick. Or, if you want complete protection, you can acquire the motorcycle rain suit. You may look like an astronaut, but all your clothes and your hair will stay perfectly dry.

5. They Become Distracted Easily

It’s hard for most people to concentrate for long periods, even when they’re driving. Many riders admit to becoming distracted while they drive on long roads and empty freeways. But zoning out is a habit that can kill you if you drive a motorcycle. It’s dangerous to take your eyes off the road. Motorcycle riders aren’t as safe as those who drive in cars. They have an entire metal frame around them, plus airbags around their seat. Motorcycles don’t come with those kinds of safety features. So, if you have a habit of being easily distracted, you need to break it or stay off the motorcycle.

And Finally,


6. Drinking and Driving

Driving while drunk or on drugs is the worst thing you could do on a motorcycle. Not only are you a hazard to yourself, but your reckless driving could also seriously injure or kill a pedestrian or a driver. Then you will have to live with the realization that you’re a murderer. If you need to get home, just call an uber. The time and cost it takes to retrieve your motorcycle the next day is nothing compared to sentence you to ten years in prison.

The tone of this article may have been harsh, but reckless riders need to be warned before it’s too late. If you now realize the responsibility of riding a motorcycle, then check out to buy all the right gear that you need. Your body will thank you for it later.

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