Stop Buying Fake Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Gear

Buying counterfeit goods is a billion-dollar market, and it grows every year. But no one wants to contribute to this market without their knowledge. People are perfectly fine purchasing counterfeit goods, as long as they know it’s counterfeit. If a person believes they are buying an authentic item and then later find out it is counterfeit, they will feel cheated and lied to. Unfortunately, scammers who make their money by passing off fake jewelry, brand clothing, and watches as the real thing is a major issue worldwide and especially online.

But most people believe that scam products are only an issue when it comes to luxury products and the newest iPhone. But fake products can impersonate any single product. As long a market for a product exists, scammers will try to pass their fake goods off as the real thing.

Fake products are also an issue with motorcycle gear, and we don’t mean fake motorcycles like Herley Davidson and Kawasaki. Motorcycle clothing is expensive, especially the higher-quality items. So you will see a lot of sellers on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay trying to pass off their fake motorcycle jackets and leather motorcycle gloves as the real thing. And, to their credit, their fake gear looks remarkably similar to real authentic products. The strikingly similar way scammers make these fake products is the main reason why the counterfeit goods market is so difficult to take down. Underground operations that make fake products study for years to improve the quality of their gear. But some scammers go even farther than improving their technique; some steal the machinery and materials used to make authentic gear from the actual company.

So now that we know fake motorcycle gear is a major issue online and in some retail stores, how do we prevent our hard-earned money from ending up in the hands of scammers?

How Do We Make Sure to Always Buy Real Authentic Gear?

There are two ways to ensure that you buy authentic gear: buying from a trusted seller and avoiding amazingly low prices.


Buy From Reputable Sellers Only

This method is the best way to make sure that you own real high-quality gear. Purchasing any brand name items from the brand itself like the WickedStock or any of the licensed stores that the brand associates with ensures that your gear is real. You won’t have to inspect the product when it arrived at your house and ask a friend to look it over.

Don’t Fall For Prices That Are Too Amazing To Be True

Are Expensive Leather Motorcycle Jackets Really Better than Low Cost Ones? Motorcycle gear costs a lot of money, so anyone on a budget is constantly on the lookout for amazing deals and sales. But there’s a price at which the sale becomes a scam. If you’re looking on eBay or on another auction site for a specific brand of brown leather motorcycle jacket that you want, anything that drops lower than 25% is suspicious.

One of the best online retailers to purchase high-quality motorcycle gear from is All of their products are 100% authentic, and they never purchase fake gear to fool customers and mark up prices. And if you ever need help searching for the right piece of gear for you, just send a message over to their customer service center, and they will happily show you the best products that fit your tiny budget and your needs. All of their prices are reasonable because Wickestock has amazing sales on a regular schedule. And when you find the perfect jacket for you, add on a pair of leather motorcycle gloves and mesh motorcycle pants to complete your new ensemble! There’s nothing better than buying a brand new outfit!

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