The Basics Of Motorcycle Camping


I can’t express how fun it is to camp when you are on the road, just you and your motorcycle taking on the world. The freedom of sleeping wherever you wind up cannot be replaced and or replicated. Hide yourself and your motorcycle well and you won’t be bothered by police or the homeless at all. Plus, caring for and replacing camping equipment is MUCH cheaper than paying for a motel in the long run. If it is a bit colder than usual at night, slip on your motorcycle riding jacket and motorcycle riding gloves and get cozy for the night.

If I could, I would never sleep in a hotel again. The privacy, efficiency, and cleanliness of motorcycle camping are unparalleled when compared to the hundreds of shady motels and hotels that house motorcyclists every day. I would rather sleep in the mansion featured in The Shining than in a motel off the interstate in Iowa. There are no horrors in that movie that would match what I have found waiting for me when I enter into the room of a Super 8 at 1 am.

So if you are interested in motorcycle camping, then keep on reading to the end of this article. I have written down everything a motorcycle lover needs to know about camping while on the road. With this list, you’ll have no problem wearing your leather motorcycle gloves as you ride off into the sunset with your gear behind you. And do not forget to read our article on Time to Take That Camping-Only Road Trip.

What I want you to understand from this article is the basics of motorcycle camping, which means you know what items to pack and how to transport them. If you have been camping before, then you already have a general idea of what you need. But there are a few specific items you will have to buy, as the biggest issue in motorcycle camping is the lack of space to transport items.

So here are the basics of motorcycle camping.

Items you will need and how they differ from regular camping

  • Luggage – strapping a luggage carrier to the back of your motorcycle is the best way to carry the majority of your camping equipment, along with your clothes. But the type of carrier you buy is vital to your balance and the amount you can carry.

  • Tent – if you have a large 6 person tent, store it away and purchase a one-person tent. There’s no way you can transport a large tent on the back of your bike. A one-person tent is easier to store and move.

  • Sleeping bag – if you have the money, there are sleeping bags that are so small, they can fit in your pocket. But these are expensive. You can transport a regular sleeping bag, but buy a new one if you find that you must line the sleeping bag with a blanket.

  • Camping stove – transporting a large camping stove is too much for one person since you must also take the fuel and pan or pot. Buy a camping stove stand that can house one can of fuel so you can cook a one-pot meal after setting up your tent.

  • Tarp – it can suddenly rain when you least expect it, so always carry a tarp or two with you. One can go over the tent and the other can go on the ground.

Before you take off on your motorcycle for your first camping trip, check all of your motorcycle gear. If you need new gear, then postpone the camping trip until you head over to and purchase new gear that will keep you safe. All of their gear is reasonably priced and there’s always a sale around the corner. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all of their amazing clothes and gear!

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