The Buddy System: How To Look Out For Your Partner

how to look out for your partner

Riding with a buddy can be twice as fun as riding by yourself. When you have a buddy with you on your road trip, both of you will have an amazing time. You will both share inside jokes, and make memories that cannot be replaced by someone else, and both will introduce each other to a new way of thinking. 

Plus, riding with a buddy will mean that there is someone always watching out for you.

Riding with someone else or a group of riders is always safer than riding alone. You and your buddy can look out for each other, notice small issues in your motorcycle that the other didn’t notice, and split the costs of travel, like the hotel room and food. In case, if you are riding in a group, there are some Do’s and Don’ts for Group Motorcycle Riding to remember. 

And, if you ever get into a fight, you know that someone has your back. They can either join in the fighting or they can push the other guy off of you so you both can run.

But some people don’t know how to be a buddy. Even in the motorcycle world, people do struggle with social skills. So here are a few tips on how to be a good riding buddy. Hopefully, with these tips, the next time someone offers to ride with you then you will know how to treat your friend.

Always Be Considerate

Whether you’re buying a snack in the gas station, planning on going to a new area for the day, or just want to hang out at a bar, always invite your buddy or offer to buy them a snack or a meal. Doing this will show your riding buddy that you value them as a person and you care about their needs. 

Even if you’re just sitting down with the beer, have a beer ready for them in case they want it. If they do want the beer, then you can drink it together! If they do not want a beer, now you have a second beer for later. Win-win!

Always Ask Them What They Think 

When we ride with just ourselves for a long time, we get used to just doing whatever we want. That’s the freedom of the road, but traveling by yourself isn’t always fun. When you have your buddy with you, be sure to ask them their opinion on anything that comes up. 

If you want to travel to a new area or see a new site, ask them if they have traveled there before. Remember that your buddy is the person with decades of own unique experiences. You never know what they might tell you.

Keep Your Buddy Hydrated And Fed

Riding takes a lot more out of you than most people expect. Even new motorcycle riders are surprised by how tired they feel at the end of a long ride. 

When you’re riding with your buddy across the state or for hours at a time, always stop to hydrate. Keep it on your friend and make sure they’re drinking liquids as well.

Tell Them If Their Motorcycle Gear Is Wearing Out

Every rider, whether they are alone or in a group, needs to wear good motorcycle gear. High-quality motorcycle gear will protect you from the elements and minor injuries. 

If your buddy has holes in their jackets, doesn’t wear gloves, and wears jeans instead of Motorcycle Riding Pants, you need to speak up. Sooner or later, they’ll get into an accident and their poor or non-existent gear will not protect them.

Every motorcycle rider should wear Leather Motorcycle Gloves and Motorcycle Protective Jackets. And, of course, you always need a helmet. 

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