The Dangers Of Roads With Grooves


Every time you take off on your motorcycle, you will face unpredictable obstacles as you drive from point A to point B. From terrible drivers to animals that dash out into the road and children who appear out of nowhere, there are always hazards to watch out for when you’re on the street or the freeway. But did you know that even the ground itself can be a hazard? When you think of a hazard road, your first thought may be slippery roads after a bout of rain. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about grooved roads. These roads are more dangerous, but what makes grooved roads more dangerous than other types of roads?

Remember: just because grooved roads can be more dangerous than wet roads doesn’t mean you should ignore motorcycle safety if you’re caught in a rainstorm on the road or after the first rain that comes after a long drought period. Every time you get on the road, and you feel a few drops land on your clothes, go back inside and change into a motorcycle rain suit. You’ll be protected and warm from the rain and the cold. And don’t forget to wear motorcycle riding gloves because motorcycle gloves help the rider with friction, so it’s easier to grip their handles.

One of the biggest reasons why grooved roads are harder to ride on Is because momentum does not disperse all over the motorcycle evenly. When your motorcycle’s tire hits the groove on the road, there’s a transfer of momentum, but as it travels up into your motorcycle, it becomes stronger, so the top of your motorcycle wheel wobble much more than your tires will. If you or someone who does not know how to keep a good balance on your motorcycle, you could easily fall off and hurt yourself.

So the moment you feel your motorcycle and bounce, just stay calm. It will not aid you at all to panic. So to stay safe, slow down a bit and keep your eyes on the road ahead of you.

And that is just a regular playing dry grooved road. What in the world should you do if it is raining, and you come upon a grooved road that is now slick with rainwater? First, you must slow down. You should be driving slower than your normal driving speed because of the rain, but if you know a grooved road is up ahead, slow down a bit more. Also, move over to the side, so angry drivers won’t become mad that you are slowing down. If there is enough room, avoid the grooves in the road completely by driving near the curb.


Now that you understand what to expect when you drive across a grooved road, you have a general idea of what to do, which is better than not knowing about them. But reading isn’t everything. If you know a road like this in your area, practice driving on it when there’s not much traffic. The more first-hand experience you have driving on these types of roads, the better prepared you will be in the future when you come across them unexpectedly. And always wear protective clothes that are designed to lessen injuries when you get into an accident. If you don’t have any clothes like this, you definitely should.

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