The Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves – Which One is Good?

different motorcycle gloves

Few items instill in us a sense of independence, reliability, and strength. One article of motorcycle clothing that makes us feel more alive than we usually do is the leather motorcycle jacket. Once you slip into high-quality leather, you feel as if you are a new person. Some people feel empowered by their new mesh motorcycle jacket; they truly experience a lift in their spirits. It is no wonder why many feel this way, as everyone around the world has seen only the coolest people wear leather jackets. But, to some people, a well-made pair of leather motorcycle gloves do this to them, and we understand why.

Wearing thick and beautiful leather gloves makes any person feel like they are leaving their homes for a long time and they won’t ever come back. Plus, leather gloves keep your hands safe and warm from the howling wind as you speed across the highway.


All motorcyclists should wear gloves, but not all gloves are made the same. There are many glove styles available for motorcycle riders, but here are a few of the most popular.

Most Popular Types of Motorcycle Gloves


Offroading gloves offroading is wild and unpredictable. Anyone who engages in this activity needs to have strong gear that lasts and can handle hard terrain and hours of sweating buildup. These types of gloves are reinforced so you can grab branches and thorned plants without hurting yourself.

Winter gloves in the dead of winter, these gloves will keep your fingers warm and safe from the cold. Winter gloves are thick and padded, so you have to break them in before they finally become comfortable and flexible.

Cruising gloves This glove style is perfect for cruising on the PCH with the beautiful Pacific Ocean in constant view. These gloves are lightweight and allow for a lot of ventilation, so your hands don’t feel hot and sweaty. Cruising gloves are more likely to be fashionable and styled.

Heavy gauntlet gloves if you care about safety, you are completely familiar with this type of glove. Like offroading gloves, these babies have reinforced palms and are thickly padded. But gauntlet gloves have cuffs that reach farther down on your arm than just the wrist and have multiple straps for extra security.

Note: You need to wear gloves. There is a dangerous trend happening with young motorcycle riders. They think they do not need gloves, but this is not true. For this, you should know What Not To Wear When Riding? Everyone needs to have a well-made pair of motorcycle gloves as it protects the skin of your hands from constant friction between your hand and the handle. The breeze from riding the freeway at 60 to 70 miles an hour also damages your skin. If you get into a nasty motorcycle accident, the gloves will prevent the skin in your hands from shredding.

Take a look and evaluate each type of gloves. Find the glove that is right for you based on the descriptions above. Depending on your habits, you could need two or three different types of gloves. But the right kind of gloves can help you handle your motorcycle better and become a better rider.

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