The Motorcycling World In 2020 And How Motorcycle Gear Prevents Covid-19



The year 2020 was not a good year for anyone, and I hope those who are reading this right now made it through okay.

What happened in the world?

Firstly, a horrible plague called SARS-COV-2 or Covid-19 brought the world to its knees and disrupted everyone’s daily life on the planet. But that’s not all that happened last year, even though you might not remember anything else.

Then, there were riots, a situation with Iran, Kim Jong Un died temporarily, the long and tedious election cycles came to a close, Brexit did not go the way anyone thought it would, and everybody at the same time decided to wipe their ass with 20 rolls of toilet paper.

What does this mean for the motorcycle world?

Motorcyclists all over the country found one way or another to stay on their bikes and go where they needed to safely. They put on their masks, carry around extra masks and hand sanitizer in their backpacks and avoided any gas station that had too many people. That’s the thing about motorcyclists; we can always adapt to our circumstances.

Another great thing about motorcyclists is that we know all about protection. Riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving a car, but we choose that increased amount of danger because of how a motorcycle makes us feel. It is also easier to navigate a city and find parking when you only have two wheels to worry about. So, many motorcyclists understand that everybody needs to protect themselves from a virus. You must know the 4 Ways to Prevent Contracting Coronavirus While You Ride.


You’ve been wearing a mask all along!

In March and April, when the whole world was scrambling around for face coverings and masks, motorcyclists did not have to worry a single bit. We have been wearing a massive mask all around our heads for decades now. So, wherever they went, motorcyclists left their helmets on as they walked into a store or entered a large crowd. Although many still wore masks, if you forgot your mask at home, you still had your backup. Thank you, helmets, for keeping us safe from Coronavirus! And we look even better with our helmets if we wear our motorcycle rain suit or our leather bike vest.

Our leather gloves have never failed us.

Motorcyclists must wear gloves whenever they jump on their bikes. The main reason why is to protect their hands from wind damage and from chafing. Turning the hand clutch forward and backward to control how fast or slow the motorcycle goes is essential and repeating this action over and over again can easily make your hands bleed. But in 2020, leather motorcycle gloves found another use. As long as a person had their motorcycle gloves on, they didn’t have to touch any circus with their bare hands.

That means they’re protected from germs from store handles, community pens, handles at the gas station, handrails, and so much more. This is a great advantage because they did not have to dirty their hands with evil bacteria, and they didn’t have to dry out their skin from constantly washing their hands and using hand sanitizer. So, the next time you spot a person with beautiful hands in 2021, they might just be a motorcyclist!

Keep your spirits up.

Well, at least things will improve now that there is a vaccine, and when you finally got the vaccine, you’ll be able to ride on your motorcycle from dawn to dusk. Just be sure to avoid large crowds of people just in case. And if you need some new clothes to go with your new vaccine shot, go to to find brand new clothes at affordable prices. And don’t forget, some of these clothes can protect you a bit more than others during a worldwide pandemic.

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