The Nighttime is not Your Friend

The Nighttime is not Your Friend

No matter how long you ride your motorcycle, you should never relax and drop your guard when you drive at night. People who are on the road at night feel a sense of calm as they drive through the streets, roads, and freeways.

The nighttime is often depicted as a calmer, more tranquil place. Some people say that they even feel like they zone out when they drive at night.

But the nighttime is not a setting where you want to lower your guard and start running on autopilot. As you already know, protecting yourself from other drivers as well as bad road conditions is much more difficult at night time.

Driving during the daytime is much easier than riding at night. The bright and shining sun makes it easy to watch out for cars and trucks, and you can plan your next two or three moves with no issue.

Many people prefer to ride their motorcycles at nighttime because there are fewer people unless it is a weekend night. But just because there are fewer people does not mean that there is less danger.


So what can you do to improve your motorcycle riding when the sun goes down?

How to improve riding at night?

Motorcycle riders who love to travel during the nighttime have much more experience than those who mainly drive around during the day. So the obvious first step to improve your nighttime riding skills is to ride your motorcycle during the night. There is no other way to practice.

While riding your motorcycle at night, you need to practice making quick u-turns, anticipating drivers’ next moves and turns, noticing hidden road damage in front of you, and looking out for animals. When you feel more confident in your nighttime driving skills, practice driving in the rain at night. The more you practice, the better you will get at driving at night.

You must wear the right gear

But before you get on the back of your motorcycle, you should wear the proper gear. No matter what time of the day you drive, every motorcyclist should have motorcycle gear on so that they can protect themselves in the event of an accident.

Properly fitting motorcycle gear can be the difference between abrasions and a bruised rib or a coma and difficulty walking for the rest of your life. Every motorcyclist should wear something to protect their hands, like a beautiful pair of leather motorcycle gloves.

Why Do We All Need Motorcycle Body Armor? All motorcyclists need to wear an armored jacket or body armor to protect themselves if they crashed down onto the floor. Motorcycle jackets with armor should do the trick.

When it is raining, you should also have a pair of rain pants with side zippers in the back of the closet. Nothing is worse than sitting in a puddle of water. You are the type of person who likes to decorate their leather motorcycle jacket, then you can iron on a few biker vest patches onto your jacket to make it your own.

If you don’t have any of the gear listed above, then it’s time for you to get to a motorcycle shop. Motorcycle gear isn’t designed just to make you look cool. Motorcycle gear is a necessity for anyone who rides motorcycles.

An armored motorcycle jacket will lessen the impact from slamming into the floor at full force. It is also designed to handle skidding and sliding on the asphalt; you will not develop as many abrasions and cuts as you would if you only wore a regular jacket.

Always do everything you can to protect yourself from terrible drivers.

I swear! Some truck and car drivers don’t even attempt to look at the rearview mirror! I think everyone should get a protest on their driving skills every five years! Some people just don’t belong on the road!

If you don’t own any gear, then we know the perfect place for you! The shop is called and it has everything you need to protect your body and brain from the elements, the wind, and stupid drivers who cannot see you.

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