The Power of the Quick Turn


Turning will always be a tricky part of driving, no matter if you are in a vehicle or on a motorcycle. Many people can barely turn when they are given a wide berth and several “turn ahead” warnings. But some streets are so narrow and unpredictable and dangerous that the thought of even turning will instantly fill the driver’s mind full of crashes and funerals.

But, if you are experienced and don’t mess with the rules of the road while your life is on the line, then you’re probably the type of person who either has mastered or can master the quick turn. The quick turn helps motorcyclists and vehicles make sudden right or left turns on roads that frankly have sharp corners and narrow curves.

How to Sharply Change Directions on a Motorcycle

As you may have guessed, maneuvering a motorcycle and maneuvering a vehicle are not the same. Vehicles do all the work, and they take their driver along for a ride. But if you’re on a motorcycle, it is both the motorcyclist and the motorcycle who must work together.

The best way to sharply change directions on a motorcycle while being safe is to lean into the motorcycle and countersteer against the course of the turn.

Sudden turns can be hard to handle for anyone, and riders are more likely to be hurt performing them as well. To minimize the amount of damage you get, if you turn too quickly and your motorcycle falls to the floor, you should have motorcycle protective jackets. This jacket has armor built into it to protect your chest and waist from excessive damage.

You will also need leather motorcycle gloves. Wearing leather gloves can make it easier to steer a motorcycle, and your hands won’t be as damaged if you need to catch yourself on the asphalt.

Prevent Skidding Out While Making Sharp Turns

Because of the increase in traction when you lean into your motorcycle, you could buckle your front tire. But if you brake before the turn begins and switch to steering while you are in the turn, your tire won’t buckle, and you will go through the turn successfully. It is usually the incorrect handling of traction that causes motorcycles to lose control and crash. Trying to steer while you are braking is incredibly tricky, but releasing the brake and then steering the handlebars of your motorcycle is much easier and much more manageable. Also, you should still swing as wide as you can during the turn. It allows you to have more braking room, and you’ll lessen the friction that you’ll have to apply on your handlebars.

As you swing expertly through shart turns, you’ll want to look good, and you can if you have mens leather biker pants. These pants were made for a real motorcyclist, and that person is you.

Why Some Streets are Designed for Quicker Turns

Quick turn streets are designed that way because it causes cars and motorcycles to drop their speed significantly. Wide turns are more likely to have more accidents on them because drivers and riders don’t take them as seriously as quick turns. The loss of vision of the road ahead, the sharp angles, and the narrowed street highway signal to everyone on the road to be extra cautious because they are entering a dangerous area.

While you’re riding up and down winding streets and highways, you must have motorcycle rain gear. Nothing makes the road more dangerous than rain. Despite all of its dangers it brings, many drivers drive as if the weather is bright and sunny. This rain gear can keep your clothes dry while its colors will let others on the road know that you’re there.

The time to buy safety gear and start taking your safety seriously is now, not after your first to second crash. If you need to find vital gear that will save your life, head over to

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