The Skills of a Motorcycle Group Leader

The Skills of a Motorcycle Group Leader

The life of a motorcycle group leader is never dull and never easy. There is a trade-off: if you are a follower, you don’t have to worry about where you are going next or how to manage disputes within the group. Your only mission is to eat and ride. You’ll have to earn your place within the group, but it is a smooth living once you do. But if you are the leader, you decide where the group goes, where they sleep, where they eat, and how they live. It is always good to be on top, but that role does not come without responsibilities. As a leader, you must make wise decisions for everyone and keep the peace as well. Everyone will know and respect you, but if you do not lead your people well, everyone will think you are a failure and leave you faster than a suburban mom exiting a truck stop bathroom.

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Being a follower is an easy life, but not everyone is meant to be a follower. Some people are likely than others to end up in a leadership position because of how they can organize others, how they conduct themselves, and the work they can endure. But what does it take to be a motorcycle group leader? So if you are on The Group Ride, you must know How to Behave.

The first skill you must have as a motorcycle group leader is the ability to ride. There is no way you can come and a group of tough bikers if you’re not one of the best riders in the group. No matter what kind of terrain or environment you encounter, you must navigate obstacles swiftly. Anybody can ride in warm sunny weather, but what about during a torrential downpour or high winds at night time? Quick note: if you are ever caught in the rain, be sure to have rain pants with side zippers to keep your items safe and dry. You can also purchase an entire motorcycle rain suit for maximum protection.


The second skill you must have is general motorcycle maintenance or knowledge. Your bike should also be well maintained and even have a little bit of flair. If your motorcycle looks shotty and poorly cared for, you will instantly lose the respect of all of the writers in your group. Also, since you’re the group leader, you should be able to spot when a person is having issues with their motorcycle. By having a knowledgeable leader, those within the group will rely on the leader’s intelligence and experience.

The third skill a motorcycle group leader needs to have is The ability to look at situations objectively and determine the cause and the consequence. We all have friends and family, and of course, we tend to treat them better than strangers. But if you’re in a group, then you can’t play favorites. If you do this, not only do you discriminate against others with whom you don’t have such a personal relationship, your blatant favoritism will build resentment among your group members. Looking at situations and arguments objectively will help you find the truth, and other people receive that you are a good leader.

It will take quite a long while for you to earn the title of motorcycle group leader, but when you finally do, you don’t want to be caught wearing terrible hand me down clothes that make you look like you just woke up in a ditch.

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