Thrill Wrapped in Style, Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets


Adventure has usually been associated with boys especially bike racing. However girls are not behind in any sports these days including motorcycle riding.  There are many girls from all over the world who love adventure riding. Protection gear for girls is as important as it is for boys but sadly most of the apparel in this field is focused on producing protection gear boys. Boys leather motorcycle jackets are commonly available in all sizes and shapes however to find female versions of these leather motorcycle jacket is not as easy. Not only the adventure lovers girls out there but also those who use motorbike for daily commute need leather motorcycle jackets to protect against road burns, scratches and injuries in case of a hit. Choosing a leather motorcycle jacket is critical not only because they are quite expensive but also because they form that part of the gear of that protects body’s life critical organs. Although the range available for female leather motorcycle jackets is limited however some very good options have been introduced. Below are some of the points that need to be kept in mind when choosing a leather motorcycle jacket.

  1. Size: A good leather motorcycle jacket should fit to the body of the rider. However in ladies section this attribute is very difficult to find. This is because most of the leather jackets available in market are target for slimmer girls however Girls tend to get busty specially after having kids.  Also the length and waist proportion for women is different from men. They are not so tall and most of the jackets that fit their bust and waist are usually much longer than required. Vendors need to work on this attribute to make leather motorcycle jackets available for all women irrespective of their body shape and size.

  2. Quality: Quality of leather is very important for any leather jacket. Top quality jackets are very expensive but if taken care of they may outlive the bikes and thus in longer run may actually be cost efficient as compared to other jackets.

  3. Protection: Leather motorcycle jacket is a gear for protection. When choosing a leather jacket for motorcycle wear, ensure that it has enough padding without destroying comfort and maneuverability for the driver. Another point often observed by lady bike riders is that women jackets are often focused on style only and the level of protection they provide is not enough. However in recent years, leather motorcycle jackets for women have been introduced in motorbike gear stores that are more focused on safeguarding the female riders.

  4. Color: Leather jackets are now available in almost all colors. This gives the female riders an option to choose hot red or bright yellow to satiate their colorful taste buds while getting maximum protection. However when choosing color, conditions in which it will be worn should be kept in mind. For example for polluted environments or dusty weather condition a neutral color like brown should be preferred to hide the layer of dirt after a ride. This is a point that vendors also need to keep in mind. Most of the girls’ apparel comes in girly colors like pink and with some shiny accessories like diamantes,rhinestones etc. Nut not all girls like such glamorous and accessorized jackets. Rather they want something more subtle that goes with their biker look.

Leather Jackets are although primarily for protection but they also form a fashion statement. They complete the look of a biker and accentuate their personality.  For a motorcyclist wardrobe is incomplete without a good lather jacket!

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