Through Easy and Difficult Times – Your Motorcycle Will Always Be There

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For most of us, jumping on the back of our motorcycle is so easy. Every morning, we feel the pool of our motorcycle in the back of our minds and we have to restrain ourselves.

Without that self-discipline and restraint, there’s no way we would make it to work. Why should we go to work when a motorcycle is all gassed up and there’s an open road everywhere we turn?

However, motorcycle riding is not always easy. There will be times when it is difficult, and you feel disheartened to get out there on the road. But the same could be said with anything else in life.

What Makes Motorcycle Riding Difficult And How Can We Overcome Those Moments?


Your Poor Health!

Balancing a motorcycle while topping 80 mph on the freeway takes skill, concentration, and energy. If our health isn’t doing so well, it’s much more difficult to balance and maintain awareness of everything around us.

When you’re sick, it is much easier to drive a car. It’s even easier to just call an Uber to get where we need to go. But if your motorcycle is your only means of transportation, you may think twice before slipping on your Motorcycle Leather Pants.

During times when you are sick, always have alternative motor transportation ready. You don’t want to ride your motorcycle when you are dizzy and you definitely can’t do it when you have a broken ankle.

You won’t be able to roll your motorcycle but being apart from your motorcycle will make your heart grow fonder for it.

When you’re better, make it up to your motorcycle by taking a long drive to the beach or a nearby lake or river.

Terrible Weather

Sometimes, it feels like the weather has it out for us. Have you ever planned a two-week motorcycle trip and the weather has gone awry every step of the way? For months, the area you planned to travel to has had blue skies, light breezes, and not a cloud in sight.

On the day of your arrival, you have to stay indoors because of a hurricane warning!

The weather is funny like that. As you know, riding a motorcycle in rain, snow, fog, and hail is more dangerous than driving a vehicle. Please read our article for more tips on What to Do When You’re Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain.

The cars and trucks around you only have their safety in mind and they would rather crash into a motorcycle than another vehicle. Plus, if you haven’t changed the tires of your motorcycle in a while, you’ll be slipping and sliding all over the road.

When faced with terrible weather conditions, you have the choice to ditch your plans and find a different place to travel or Ultra your travel plans to make them easier and safer.

You may not be able to go up mountains in the snow, but you can now go down south of it to the local lake. The weather doesn’t care about your plans. So you might as well learn to adapt to the weather.

The Motorcycle Itself

You can spend thousands of dollars every year improving your motorcycle, and something will still break or rust. These large machines are essential, they will fail from time to time no matter how well you take care of them.

To avoid most issues, head over to the best mechanic in your area and have your motorcycle serviced every few months.

Always inspect the tires and change them out when the traction begins to fade.

Also, make sure to purchase a motorcycle that is known to last and is well made. Don’t settle for a cheap motorcycle just because you don’t have the money and you’re tired of waiting.

Our motorcycles are our joy and our curse. They are a blessing in our lives and a headache. But we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

The next time you get on your motorcycle, make sure to wear your Leather Motorcycle Gloves and your Men’s Motorcycle Vest when the weather gets bad.

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