Track Racing 101

Track racing for motorcycles got its start in Australia back in the 1920’s. It is a sport where teams or individuals race their opponent around an oval track.

The track is unpaved. Usually dirt, shale, brick and sometimes even sand. Some places they even race on ice tracks (more on that later).


Probably the most popular is Speedway. This type of race takes place on an oval track made of dirt or loosely packed shale.

According to regulations, the motorcycles must have no brakes. The riders perform power slides on the loose surface around turns in order to slow the bike down enough to maintain control, while still going fast enough to beat their competitors.

The bikes also run on pure methanol and only use one gear. Races usually have four or six riders competing along four to six laps.

Flat Track

The next popular one is flat track racing, otherwise known as dirt track racing.

Flat track looks similar to speedway, but the motorcycles in these races have 2 or 4 stroke engines, front and rear suspension and of course, brakes.

These races can vary in length from a quarter mile to a mile.

Grass Track

Also known as “Grasbahn” these tracks are usually constructed in a field. The racers begin from a standing start and race four laps, moving at much higher speeds than speedway or flat track races. Unlike speedway, grass track can have many riders on a bit longer track.

There is also Long track, which is very similar to Grass track. This is sometimes called “Sandbahn” and has a longer and faster track.

Ice Racing

Like speedway on ice. This is very exciting. The races are classed for full rubber or studded tires.

The studs are an inch long and there are 90 of these spikes on the front tire, with a full 200 on the rear.

In the studded tire class, power slides or broadsiding is not allowed. Instead, the rider leans the bike down so low that the handlebar just skims the track surface.

Protect Yourself

The danger of getting hurt in these very fast, get down and dirty races is much higher than just cruising around town on your motorcycle. Just a leather jacket and a good pair of jeans are not going to cut it out there.

In sanctioned Speedway races it is a firm rule that the rider must wear a complete motorcycle racing suit.

Motorcycle track racing of any kind is serious stuff. Just like on the road you run the risk of road rash or more serious injuries. In track racing we’re talking broken bones to go along with your scraped skin.

Before you go out and sign up for a race on the speedway, grass track or flat track, you will want to invest in a good men motorcycle leather racing jackets like the ones that are available at WICKED STOCK.

These racing jackets and leather motorcycle pants for men are made from premium race-grade cowhide. These jackets are made for comfort and fit while on track with pre-curved sleeves. Pants also have pre-curved fitment.

All men leather motorcycle pants and leather motorcycle jackets have CE certified protectors all over. There are removable dual density foam pads for the back, elbows and shoulders. There are hip protectors, removable sport knee sliders and even extra foam padding for the chest and tail bone.

A Very Popular Sport

From back in the 1920’s until today, motorcycle track racing in all its forms has become a pretty popular sport in Europe and in the United States.

But just be sure and zoom over to WICKED STOCK and get outfitted with the proper gear. You can have plenty of fun and excitement and keep safe at the same time.

And remember, we offer Hassle Free Returns and shipping is always Free!

Happy Riding

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