Travel By Motorcycle And Do It Cheap

Travel By Motorcycle And Do It Cheap

Want to spend like a skinflint (cheap) on your next motorcycle road trip? Well, here are some tips and tricks that were learned by trial and error that can keep the cost of traveling at a minimum. When applied they might just stretch your dollar and miles farther.


Planning well ahead of the travel date can be a time and money saver. Your motorcycle road trip plan should include how long the trip will take, how many miles will be traveled, and the overall cost. Knowing the cost of the trip fuel, food, lodging, tolls, other costs, etc… every expense should be calculated.

Knowing the distance each motorcycle can travel on a tank of fuel is part of the planning equation. Planning includes repairing or replacing needed equipment before the trip. You will need time to assemble or buy new gear or clothing, get the motorcycle serviced, etc… This is a good time to get a new pair of Men’s Leather Motorcycle Pants to look your best. Who you are traveling with should be a consideration in planning the trip. There may be someone going on the trip who may need more frequent stops than other riders may require. To sum up the planning phase of your motorcycle road trip: Leave Nothing Overlooked.

Next: Where To Stay

If you want to stay in hotels/motels your road trip will become much more expensive. Even if you stick with a $30-50 a night room, a ten-day trip will run you $300-500 just for lodging. A quick survey on revealed varying rates for a one-night stay at one location; low $60 and high $280. With rates like that, why have a budget? This is where sticking to a budget is important, places to stay can add up real fast.

Try Camping


Far Better Than A Motel

Plan your trip around places where you can camp out, sleep under the stars, cook over an open campfire, etc… Some campgrounds are free, others charge a small fee to use the campsite. Many have showers, are well-groomed, and include areas where one can cook a good hot meal. Try overlander to find campsites that are close to your intended trip route. So, as part of that pre-plan of your trip break out the old camping gear, and camp cook set they will come in handy. While you are at it get a hold of a pair of motorcycle Rain Pants With Side Zippers just in case of wet weather.

Book Ahead

If you feel compelled to stay at hotels/motels, at least for part of the trip, book in advance. A good way to save on lodging is to use the hotel/motel’s website and book directly, they will often cut deals for early bookings. Don’t forget to check out Bed and Breakfasts on AirBnB as well. Also, try or Expedia to find out what is available and the rates. Parking can become an issue especially if you use hotels/motels, they often charge a parking fee even for customers. So, check with the facility when booking.

What and Where to Eat – Food

Bring food from home, fresh fruit and vegetables, make your sandwiches and so on. Shop at grocery stores along the travel route to stock up on fruit, veggies, and other healthy foods. Bring a compact cooler with you to store the fresh food during your motorcycle road trip. Stay hydrated, bring water, drink often, and keep your water bottles filled.

Fast food and junk food tend to cause drowsy driving, stay alert. Healthy foods keep one’s energy levels up as operating a motorcycle is a full-time job when on the road. Is It Important To Wear Motorcycle Protective Gear? Yes, you are always at risk of not being seen by the drivers of the 4 wheel cars, so, wear all the gear all of the time. safety first.


Don’t Over Pack

Don’t pack a lot of clothing, motorcycle saddlebags do not have a lot of room, so pack light, hit the laundry when needed (budget for it). Do make room for a new Leather Motorcycle Jacket, you need to look good on this motorcycle road trip. Your motorcycle will have to carry everything you are taking plus one or two riders to manage the space wisely.

There you have it, a rough guide to traveling on a budget for your next motorcycle road trip. As always like us on Facebook, check us out on Instagram and tweet us on Twitter, ride safe. To check out the latest in motorcycle accessories hop on over Wicked Stock!

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