Treat Your Gear Well and it will Take you Everywhere

Treat Your Gear Well and it will Take you Everywhere

As a motorcyclist, it is imperative that we take care of our gear and treat it well. Caring for motorcycle gear is much different than caring for our regular t-shirts, jeans, blouses, and underwear.

The care that our gear requires depends on the fabric, style, stitching, and the piece itself. When newcomers are starting out in the world of motorcycling, they believe all they have to do is throw any non-leather item into the washer and then dry it on low heat and everything will be fine. When it comes to leather items, like men’s leather biker pants or leather biker vest, they just wipe it down with a cloth. But this is the bare minimum of care and doing this will not preserve the material.


Motorcycle riders know that treating their gear will make their gear last longer and stay in pristine shape. But few people know how to care for the motorcycle gear properly. So, we have assembled some basic knowledge and tips to help you care for your gear.


The most important thing to remember about leather is that it dries out and cracks. Leather was once part of an animal and if the material is not cared for with oil or a conditioner, it can crack. Leather acts much like human skin, which requires lotion or else it will become dry and cracked. You should never wash your leather jacket or leather motorcycle gloves in the washer. Wipe the material with lukewarm and damp clothes and gently scrub at any areas that have dirt caked on. Then, wipe it dry and apply a leather conditioner on the outside of the leather motorcycle jacket.

There are a few fantastic Tips To Ever Last Your Favorite Leather Motorcycle Jacket, read before you buy one.

Wax Cotton

Waxed cotton is a special material that mixes threads of cotton with wax in order to create a waterproof clothing item. When you need to clean waxed cotton clothing, wipe it down with a cold wet cloth. If it is not as waterproof as it once was, you will have to apply more cotton wax.

Waterproof Materials

Caring for waterproof gear is quite easy. You can always wipe them down with a baby wipe when they become dirty. They should also be washed at least once a year with a mild soap on cool water. You do not have to put a waterproof item in the dryer. But if you do, place it on low heat.

To test if the waterproof item is still waterproof, spray it with a bottle of water. If you notice that the material underneath the droplets becomes dark, you will have to reapply waterproof spray and temper the item.


Well now that you know how to care for certain fabrics and gear, it’s time to evaluate the gear that you have in your closet. You may find that you need to replace some of your most worn motorcycle pieces. Do you know what that means?

It is time for a motorcycle gear shopping spree!

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