Trendy or Trashy? Let’s Find Out!

Trendy or trashy

Just because something is trendy does not mean that it is a good idea or that its style or fashion will stand the test of time. Some trends should pass by with few people entertaining them and never be embraced again. And some trends are just good ideas that very few people once knew, but now the idea is gaining popularity and becoming mainstream. But how do we spot the bad trends that need to go from the good trends that we should adopt into our daily lives? This question is a major problem in any industry, so it is best to answer it and spare our customers the stress of sorting it out for themselves.


The best way to know if a new trend or a brand new piece of advice is valuable is by focusing on its application and its versatility. Jeans were invented in 1873, and they are still relevant because they are acceptable in the fashion world and the world of work. They are durable, easy to wash and last for a long time. This is how you know the blue jean was a great idea. Even now, motorcyclists and bicyclists all enjoy wearing jeans made for motorcycles, and they will also wear their motorcycle riding jackets and motorcycle riding gloves. But do you know what was not a great idea? The beehive hairstyle. While it has a unique and distinct look, it was far too hard to take care of and had to be worn for days to justify the length of time it took to create the hairstyle. Although anyone who sees the beehive hairstyle will automatically know it is from the 1950s and 60s, it would be a wild sight to see it pop up in daily life in 2020.

How do we apply this to the world of motorcycling?

First, we have to realize that the motorcycling world is not immune to terrible trends. One of these trends that once was quite successful but is now dying out is the sportbike. When they first came out on the scene, it seems like the sportbike was a sporting alternative to a motorcycle. But it has been almost two decades, and not much has changed in the basic structure or technology that went into the bike.

One trend which is going away quickly, and it should as it attracted a lot of scammers, is shopping for cheap motorcycles on Craigslist. The only motorcycles that are now left on Craigslist are legitimate ones that cost at least a few thousand dollars. Oh well, any motorcycle which is $500 or less most definitely is not safe to drive anyway.

If you are about to buy a motorcycle for less than $1000? Here’s what you should know.

What is a good trend that has stayed around for decades?

Why, adding decals to your motorcycle’s body, of course! Just like adding biker vest patches on a biker vest, adding decals to your motorcycle is so popular that if you see a motorcycle without decals, it means that it was recently purchased. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t have at least one sticker or decal on their motorcycle, and if you check your friend’s bikes, I’m sure you would say the same thing.

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