Two Quick Fixes To Keep Your Gear Organized!

Two Quick Fixes To Keep Your Gear Organized!

You would be surprised at how many motorcyclists buy high-quality well-made gear which is designed to last for years and leave it thrown around their house or apartment. Some motorcycle gear costs over $250 and they are just being left around as if they were an old pair of socks! That is unacceptable! If you’re one of these motorcyclists who just leave their stuff around as if they had money to burn, you have no excuse to ignore the two quick fixes to keep your gear organized!

Do You Carry Your Backpack?

Now, I understand that not everybody leaves their motorcycle gear sitting around oh, but some other people do have a very different organizing issue. While they may keep their motorcycle leather jacket and leather biker vest hung up, their motorcycle backpack is another matter. This type of motorcycle stuffs everything they can into their motorcycle backpack to the point where it is bursting at the seams and zipper. They almost don’t want to open up their backpack again in case everything comes flying out!

In this case, you may say that this problem is easy. All they need to do is purchase a larger backpack and put everything from the old backpack to the new backpack. But for many people, a larger backpack is not a solution. Since the backpack is on their back, most people have a weight limit of what they can carry on their back. And remember that motorcyclists spend several hours at a time on their motorcycle traveling from one place to another. Their back won’t be able to handle more weight and they could develop a back injury from carrying too much weight on their back.

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How To Make Some Extra Space?

So now that we know the two main organizational issues for most motorcyclists, how do they improve so their equipment won’t be so disorganized? First, those people who leave their gear lying around, like their motorcycle rain suit or their mesh motorcycle jacket, need to make space in their closet for each specific item they have. Their main issue is that they buy their equipment and they don’t have a space to store it when they arrive home. So they lay it over a couch or their bed and tell themselves to find a spot for it later. But later never comes! The spot where they lay becomes the unofficial new spot and they completely forget about finding a proper place for their new equipment.

Now if your issue is a stuffed backpack, you know what you have to do. But you don’t want to take the time or the effort to do it. Well, maybe you’re busy too.

Start From The Scratch

If you want to organize your backpack and remove everything that you have been stuffing inside of it for the last month or so, you are going to have to sit down on your bed or the floor and dump EVERYTHING out. Yes, doing this does sound like a big waste of time, but you will be surprised at how much trash is packed in your backpack. The weight of your backpack could be reduced by several pounds!! Plus, you will find items at the bottom of your pack that you completely forgot about! It happens to me all the time!

Putting away your gear is important because it will keep your gear organized and safe from danger, tears, rips, or stains. But what if you don’t take care of your gear because it is so damaged? Well, it’s time to buy yourself some new gear!! Then you can start treating your new gear like it deserves! but before you spend hundreds of dollars on gear, you must realize How Many Motorcycle Jackets Should I Own?

Where To Buy The Motorcycle Gear?

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