Visualization – Predict and Prevent


Humans can learn using many methods, and each technique can help improve already existing skills or talents. One excellent learning method that every motorcycle rider needs to know about is visualization. An easy way to understand visualization is called daydreaming for a purpose. We all have had those times where we review in our head what we’re going to do when before we do it. This is visualization in its simplest form. Other times visualization has happened automatically within our brains is when we picture ourselves grabbing breakfast before starting work, reviewing what should happen during a birthday party before the guests arrive at our homes, or planning how we’re going to succeed when we’re giving a year-long project from work.


What can motorcycle riders visualize to prepare themselves for the road ahead? When they are in a safe area, they can practice any areas that they are weak in. If they have trouble stopping during a downpour, they can visualize themselves driving on the freeway. By picturing themselves speeding up and slowing down while they are on a road, they can see where they have trouble and mentally correct their own mistakes.

Bikers can also have a friend practice some techniques with them. By practicing avoiding pedestrians in a safe environment, they will be ready to drive down a small and busy road. It may seem very stressful to practice with another human being, especially your friend, but the more they practice stressful situations in a safe environment, the less likely they are to crash and kill themselves or someone else. Therefore, Reckless Motorcycle Riding Is Irresponsible.

A quick note: before you jump on the back of your motorcycle, always be sure to wear a pair of leather motorcycle gloves. The gloves will keep your skin face and damage-free, and it won’t hurt as much if you need to extend your hand out and touch the ground. You can also buy yourself in a buddy some motorcycle protective jackets. Protective jackets have built-in padding to help cushion your back and spine in the event of a fall.


If you are learning how to operate a motorcycle and working with a coach or teacher, ask them about visualization and how you can use them both in class and after the course has ended. Motorcycle instructors have decades of experience and can advise you on problems and issues you have not even thought of yet. When you talk to your instructor, they will probably recommend that you purchase a rain suit to be ready for the rainy season and mesh pants that are not easily dirtied by oil, dirt, or grime.

Your instructor will also tell you to visualize any experience that you have already been through. If you remember an 18-wheeler merging into your lane without them noticing you, then go back in your memories and see what you could have done differently and if there was anything you missed because of your inexperience.

A visualization is an essential tool that all people, including motorcycle riders, can make smart decisions and prepare for dangerous situations. But another way a biker can keep themselves safe is to wear specialized motorcycle clothing that will prevent excessive damage to their body if they are in an accident.

If you see a person on a motorcycle riding in shorts and flip-flops, they’re not wearing the proper attire, and they can be severely injured if even the slightest injury befalls them. Some people may think that this is an extra expense that they do not need to waste their money on, but what is more wasteful: spending $5,250 on important gear or receiving a $15,000 bill after a 4-day stay in the hospital? So I do the right thing and purchase motorcycle gear from This website also has many deals and sale days to find the item you need at a price you can afford.

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