Water and Road Motorcycle Surfing – Which One is Good?


People love doing very dangerous or dumb stunts while they’re in their car or on their motorcycle. There is just something about a massive engine rumbling just inches away from the driver’s feet that causes the person controlling their vehicle to make split-second impulsive decisions. The foolish decisions they make at the moment are ones that they would never consider doing if they were watching another person do them on a Youtube video. The power of spontaneity is truly a drug.

road motorcycle driving

Motorcycle Surfing

One very dumb but popular stunt to perform on a motorcycle is road motorcycle surfing. To do the stunt, the rider must be traveling on their motorcycle at a very high speed, and using their strength and balancing abilities, they quickly jump up and place their feet on the motorcycle seat. Then they position their body as if they’re standing on a surfboard. It does look like they are trying to serve on their motorcycle.

Do you Need Motorcycle Gear for Surfing?

Many motorcycle riders love motorcycle surfing, and they must wear their best gear when they try to surf. This is usually because they will be filming their motorcycle stunts and they want to look their best. So, if you see a couple of young motorcycle riders wearing their best leather motorcycle jacket and a beautiful pair of motorcycle riding gloves, And they have a few biker vest patches on their jacket, expect to see the same group of riders going wild on the road.

Hopefully, they have on mesh motorcycle pants as well.

Just to be clear, road motorcycle surfing is dangerous for people of all ages, and it would be in every rider’s best interest to avoid it completely. But if there is anyone best suited for road motorcycle surfing, it is the young. So, if you’re anywhere between 18-25 and you want to try out motorcycle road surfing, now is the time.

But there is a special crazy motorcycle rider out there that attempted The Impossible and did it. In 2015, the world’s most confident man successfully surfed on a surfboard while also sitting on his motorcycle. That’s right; you read that correctly. He placed his motorcycle on top of a surfboard and then surfed the waves of Teahupo’o.

Remarkably, this was not a drunken decision made by him one day. He designed several surfboards over three years and tested each design out on various beaches across the United States and South America.

Now that we have mentioned the amazing motorcycle Surfer, we also have to say this: please do not attempt to do this. Sorry to be a party pooper, but we care about our readers’ safety, and riding a motorcycle on a surfboard does not seem very safe to us.  But if you’re looking for a new challenge and a different way to get that rush, you can always try out surfing.


Choose Surfing

If you are interested in surfing, then there are several ways you can get started at a low cost. One way is to take surfing lessons and rent your stepping equipment until you decide that you want to pursue the hobby for the next few years.

While we have established that motorcycle surfing is a very foolish stunt, it is safe to say that most people don’t perform it. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t do other foolish things. You might be interested in knowing more about the Top 5 Motorcycle Events in the US.

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