What are the Most Common Motorcycle Injuries?

What are the Most Common Motorcycle Injuries-

We love the motorcycle lifestyle and we would never give it up for any reason. But there are a few realities that we as motorcycle riders have to face. One of these realities is that riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving a vehicle.

Some experts attribute the increased risk and danger to motorcycle riding to the riders themselves.  People who are thrill-seekers and like chasing “highs” are more likely to ride a motorcycle and drive a car that is designed for speed and racing.

If a motorcyclist does not protect themselves and drive defensively, then they may end up in the ER with multiple injuries. Depending on the severity of the crash, the motorcyclist could have abrasions and whiplash or they could have internal bleeding and a brain injury.

But the ER will take care of anyone who comes into the hospital.


What are the most common injuries motorcycle riders get?

Here are the most common injuries that a motorcyclist will most likely get when they are in an accident.

Brain Injuries

You’ll be surprised at how many motorcycles do not want to wear a helmet. All they want to wear is a cool pair of shades. But a properly fitting helmet can be the difference between whiplash and a terrible brain injury that results in a coma.


A fracture is when a bone does not break completely. Instead, it develops a large crack in its structure. There are 4 different types of fractures: a closed fracture which does not create a wound in the skin, the incomplete fracture which does not break the bone in half, the comminuted fracture with shattered bone into little pieces so, any compact fracture in which two bones Break by colliding into one another.


Deep scratches that require gauze and even sutures are abrasions. When a motorcyclist is thrown off their bike, they will slide across the asphalt and rip their clothes. Then the skin will be exposed and ripped to shreds.

Broken Ribs

A person can break their ribs when they come into physical contact with a vehicle or another motorcycle. They can also break their ribs when they slam on the asphalt.


This injury happens when there is a quick and strong force that causes the neck to snap. If someone develops whiplash, they will need to wear a neck brace to help stabilize their head.


How can a motorcyclist protect themselves?

Is It Important To Wear Motorcycle Protective Gear? Yes, one of the most important ways a motorcyclist can protect themselves is by wearing protective motorcycle gear every time they get on the back of their bikes and go for a ride. It does not matter if you are just going to the 7-11 by your house or you are traveling on the road for 500 miles a day for the next few weeks. Wearing motorcycle protective gear is a must.

When it is raining, you can break out your motorcycle rain gear. Or you can wear your rain pants with side zippers if you already own a rain jacket.

While driving, you need to protect your hands with leather motorcycle gloves. Gloves can also provide grip to turn the handles.

Your motorcycle gear needs to be in good condition. If some of your gear is looking old and no longer as sturdy as it is supposed to be, then it is time to buy new gear.

But, as we all know, new gear is not cheap. And if you do find cheap gear, you should not choose to wear it. Cheap gear could be as useless as no gear. So where can motorcycle riders purchase great gear for an unsuspicious price?


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