What to Do When You Have a Passenger?


Motorcycles are the symbol of Independence and freedom, but sometimes we want someone to travel with us. Many of us have friends that improve our vacations and make them more fun and exciting. Unfortunately, a motorcycle is not the best way for two or more people to travel. But if your friend is adamant about coming with you, there are a few things you can do to make motorcycle riding easier, especially if they are not used to riding.

A Way to Communicate

If a passenger is having a difficult time riding or feels that they are slipping off, they need to communicate that to their driver. Before you and your passenger get on the motorcycle, you need to create a series of hand signals, so they’re able to communicate with you. Perhaps the best way to communicate is to create a number system. They can use their hands to indicate what number they are. A thumbs-up can mean they are just fine, number one can mean that they need to use the restroom, number 2 means that they are tired and so on.


You may have a motorcycle riding jackets, but your passenger most likely will not. They need to have some jacket so they won’t get cold while riding through 50 miles an hour winds. If they’re a fan of the other, then they can purchase a leather motorcycle jacket.

If you have the cash, you can also install into your helmet, an intercom system. This will ensure that both of you have smooth conversations, and it might even be fun and a break from the monotony of quiet motorcycle rides.

Grab Bars

One of the scariest parts of being a passenger is the fact that there is nothing for you to grip onto while you’re speeding down a freeway. The only thing that they can hold is you, the driver. However, if your motorcycle has grab bars that you may feel more at ease because they’re able to something solid and metal. If your motorcycle does not have a grab bar, perhaps you can have them installed. When they are not in use by a passenger, you might be able to attach a backpack on to them.


A Comfortable Seat

There’s nothing worse than sitting for long hours on a table seat that hurts your spine. This is another major issue that passengers experience. If the passenger’s seat that you have on your motorcycle is uncomfortable, it is best to have it replaced with something that won’t be like sitting on a rock.

The type of pants you wear also affects your posture and how comfortable the seat is. You probably have very comfortable motorcycle pants, but your passenger needs a pair as well. Tell them to purchase textile motorcycle pants, which will be comfortable on long rides. If you are riding through the rain, then they will absolutely need waterproof motorcycle pants, so they will not get sick.


You may be used to long and quiet hours riding on a motorcycle, but your passenger certainly will not be. Before you both take off, tell them to place an earbud in their ear and listen to their favorite playlist. They won’t be able to switch the music mid-ride, so tell them to choose their favorite one.


If you are not used to traveling with a passenger, it may be difficult at first. We recommend you ride slower than you usually would until you get the hang of it. And don’t forget to provide your passenger with a helmet. If you don’t have an extra helmet, go to www.wickedstock.com to find everything you need for your passenger and more!

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