What To Wear During The Summertime?

What To Wear During The Summer Time-

Summer is fast approaching and I know that all of you hellcats and Yamaha-loving motorcyclists can’t wait to travel! Finally, the covid virus is over, things are open back, and there are more travel deals than ever before!

All you need to do is take your motorcycle into the shop to get it tuned up! Then, map out your road trip and pack for the weather! You will soon be traveling under a bright blue sky in no time.

The moment you slip on your men’s black leather gloves, sit down on your motorcycle seats and rev your motorcycle engine, there is nothing that will stop you from getting out onto the road and Into the Wild.


But just a second now!

Packing for summertime motorcycle road trips may be a bit more difficult than you expect. You can’t just wear tank tops and shorts while riding down the freeway for 4 to 5 hours a day. You have to protect yourself from the Sun and its cancerous rays!

The clothing and motorcycle gear that you can wear during the summer heavily depends on your location. Motorcycle riders who live in San Francisco, Colorado, Minnesota, near the great lakes, and around Maine will still have to wear long sleeves and cover up because their summers are quite cold!

So if you live in these colder areas, you probably don’t have to change your clothing too much. You’ll be able to wear pants, jackets, sweaters, and suits. Covering up during the summer does not sound fun, but places that are cold and wet usually have a lot of insects.

The Insect population usually doubles to triples during the late spring and early summer, so staying covered from head to toe and wearing a leather jacket will keep you from being a snack for tens of thousands of annoying little insects. After all, you would love to win the races with Summer Motorcycle Jackets.

riding in summer

Watch out for the heat!

As you already know, the closer you get to the equator, the hotter the weather will be. So if you are traveling south, be prepared to deal with the changing weather.

But what kind of clothes should you wear while riding your motorcycle in the summertime? The first piece of gear you must wear is a breathable but leather motorcycle jacket.

Now,  I’m sure you think I’m crazy.

Wearing mens leather motorcycle jackets in the summertime? Am I trying to kill my readers via heat stroke when they’re 100 to 200 miles away from their homes?

No, trust me, I know what I am talking about.

A motorcycle jacket with armor will keep you safe if you’re in an accident. And it will also keep you safe from wind burn and from getting a terrible sunburn.

Just a word of warning: purchase a leather jacket that has an inner lining. You’ll be sweating a lot in the summertime. Having a jacket with a removable lining will make it easier to wash. Just wash the lining at night, and you will be good to go in the morning!

If a leather jacket that you wear now makes you feel stuffy, then switch to a mens motorcycle vest. Your arms will be less restricted, but your chest and torso will be protected.

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