What You Need To Know About Night Riding


Driving at night is one of the most dangerous aspects of driving, whether in a car or on a motorcycle. New riders are constantly told to practice driving at night as soon as they own or have access to a motorcycle. It is a fact that more accidents occur at night than during the day, even though there are fewer vehicles on the road. So it is essential for motorcycle riders to always be on their guard when they’re driving at night.

What to do to Keep Yourself Safer at Night

Make yourself extremely visible

Clothing that you wear during the night has to be far more brightly colored than the clothes you wear during the day. Try your best to wear white or yellow jackets and a bright helmet than the black helmet you would normally wear.

There are now even motorcycle clothing options that have built-in lights, so you are more visible to those around you. Some even have reflector strips that illuminate brightly when a car’s headlight shines on it.


If you are riding at night and it starts to rain, then you could be in real danger. If you hear about rain in a weather report at night, but you still want to go, then be sure to wear motorcycle rain gear so you can keep safe and dry. If you already have a rain jacket, then wear a pair of waterproof motorcycle pants.

Practice more defensive driving

Although you should always practice defensive driving, as you never know when a bad driver or life-threatening obstacle could appear, you should increase your defensiveness at night. Approach intersections more slowly, slow down a bit more around curves on freeways and on roads and stay six car lengths behind a vehicle if you can help it. Remember that the fewer people around you, the better. You must even practice more defensive driving at intersections that have lights. Drunk drivers can easily drive through red lights, and you don’t want to be in the middle of the intersection when that happens.

One great way to increase your visibility to others on the road is to add reflective biker vest patches onto your vest or jacket.


Watch out for animals

You definitely don’t want to spoil your night time ride by running over a cat or a raccoon. So train yourself to see dark moving objects in your peripheral vision. The most common areas for animals to dart out into the road are by highways that cut through wooded areas or residential neighborhoods that only have two lanes.

What are Some of the Dangers That You Need to Watch Out For?

First of all, you should always have on a motorcycle jacket with armor. The armor will keep your torso safe if you go flying in the event of a crash.

Low visibility

Not all dangers are the result of another person. Nighttime itself is dangerous where drivers and riders are not able to see well in front of them. Motorcycles and vehicles have headlights, but it is a poor replacement for the sun. Many people do not see problems that are next to them because they are so focused on the road in front of them. Obstacles and road issues that you would generally be able to see during the day become almost invisible at night. So it is crucial to approach intersections and road curves more cautiously then you would during the day.



Although drunk driving does occur during the day, it is most common at night. Those who drink and drive at night believe that they are better drivers when they are drunk and that they will not be caught by the cops since there are fewer patrols at night. The best way to identify a drunk driver is to watch their vehicle or motorcycle drive in a single lane. If their vehicle is swinging back and forth and going into the other lane, that is a high indication that they are drunk.

Remember that night driving may be relaxing, but you still must stay on your guard. And don’t forget that you have to have the right gear to keep yourself safe in case of an accident. If you find yourself lacking when it comes to your gear, go to www.wickedstock.com to find everything you need.

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