When You Can’t Ride – Prep for It

when you can't ride prep for it

Every motorcycle rider knows when it has been a long time between motorcycle rides. They have dreams of riding their motorcycle. They can feel the wind on their face and the hum of their bike underneath them in their dreams.

It’s like we have an inner signal telling us that our souls need rejuvenation and rejuvenation can only manifest on the open road with our motorcycle underneath us. But we can’t always take time away from our busy lives and schedules to embark on a motorcycle trip. Life can keep us in the same location for quite a while.

Or even worse, what if your motorcycle needs major repairs before you can ride it again? While your motorcycle is in the shop, you either have to ask your friend to give you rides here and there or drive your car.

But not having your motorcycle readily available whenever you want to ride is mentally stressful. As much as the world loves cars, they cannot replicate the feeling of freedom, individuality, and openness that a motorcycle imparts to its rider. So what can you do while waiting for your next motorcycle ride to “Look” Like a Pro

Plan a New Motorcycle Travel Route

While waiting for your next motorcycle trip, it can be beneficial to your future travels to find new riding routes and scout out new places to visit in the future. Old places are always good to visit once or twice, but revisiting the same place over and over again becomes stale and boring.

If you’re a fan of traveling through the South, then plan a trip to the Midwest or even up north and through Canada. If your travels always take you east or west, then it’s time to travel up and down the coast.

If you’re a Canadian who mostly travels around the Atlantic coast, now is the time to plan a trip to the West Coast through Alaska.

Search for a New Helmet

If it’s been a few years since you last bought your helmet, then search around the internet for an hour or two and look at the latest helmets available. New technology and construction go into motorcycle helmets every year.

Manufacturers want to make sure that their customers live through accidents, so they are constantly improving their designs.

Plus, there’s a lot of new technology in modern helmets. Helmets can now sync up to your phone so you can listen to music and answer calls while on the road.

You can even sync your helmet to your GPS so you can listen to turn-by-turn directions. All of this will be hands-free and you’ll never have to stop when you’re out on the freeway.

Shop for New Motorcycle Gear

Another good way to pass the time while waiting for the day your motorcycle is rideable again is by shopping for motorcycle gear. As responsible riders, we must care for our motorcycle clothing and inspect them for rips, poor fabric design, and thinning.

Motorcycle protective armor is supposed to protect us during accidents as well as from the elements like the sun and the rain. What good is a protective motorcycle jacket if it cannot protect you when you go flying across the freeway?

It should be your Motorcycle Leather Jacket, not your skin that rips apart on the asphalt.

You should be covered head to toe in high-quality motorcycle gear. So that means you will need a helmet, a pair of Leather Motorcycle Gloves, or a Men’s Motorcycle Vest.

To protect your waist and legs, you should never leave your home without your Men’s Leather Biker Pants.

Shopping for motorcycle gear is fun for the heart and soul, but not for the bank account or wallet.

But wearing motorcycle gear is a requirement. If you don’t have motorcycle gear, then you shouldn’t be on a motorcycle.

If you need a place to find affordable and high-quality motorcycle gear, then you will love shopping at WickedStock.com.

All the gear is priced affordable, and there’s always a sale going on. They have tens of thousands of followers so you can visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and see what customers are buying and saying about their clothes. No matter what style you wear, Wicked Stock will have something in stock for you.

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