Why Base Layers are Necessary for Riding?


When your mother used to tell you to wear layers, she was not joking. Wearing layers is important as you can always adapt to the weather. In certain places of the world, you never know what kind of weather will be next in a few hours, so those people must wear layers, so they aren’t wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans when a storm comes.

The right amount of layers can keep you from developing a cough or sore throat if caught and weather that is far too cold. But keeping warm and preventing illness are not the only functions of wearing layers, and people who live in all weather zones are not the only ones who wear layers.

Another important reason all people must wear layers is to prevent sun and wind damage. If you live in a hot climate, then protecting your skin from the sun is critical, as the sun can age and damage your skin even if you only have 20 minutes of exposure.

Damage also occurs when your skin is exposed to intense wind. A slight breeze is nothing to worry about, but when you have to walk through strong breezes and cold winds, it can chap your skin and dry it out.

Base Layers

Why Base Layers are Necessary for Motorcyclists?

It may surprise you to learn, especially if you are a new motorcyclist, but many safe and responsible motorcycle riders dress in layers as well. There are several reasons why motorcyclists are encouraged to wear layers.


Two of the most important reasons are already listed above: anticipating extreme weather fluctuations and preventing damage from the wind and the sun. Don’t get caught in the hot sun with just a mens motorcycle vest! Riding on a motorcycle for several hours a day can take a toll on your energy as well as your skin and health. So wearing regular motorcycle protective gear is not enough. If you wear base layers underneath your regular clothes, and a leather motorcycle jacket can keep you warm and protected from the elements.

But another important reason that all motorcyclists must consider when purchasing layers is that it will protect them in the event of a crash. Yes, that’s right; a piece of clothing can keep you from excessive damage if you go flying and hit the asphalt. Wearing extra layers underneath your armored clothing is another layer between your skin and the ground. If your armored motorcycle jacket rips, your base layer long sleeve shirt will keep your skin safe.

Now that you know why wearing base layers is so important to a motorcycle list, what kind of base layers should you look for the next time you decide to purchase new motorcycle gear?

There are several different categories of base-layer clothing that you can wear. Each one comes with its benefits and drawbacks. One critical drawback is that the wrong base layer does not fit the person’s body correctly. Just like regular clothing, never wear a base layer that does not fit you.

Types of Base Layers

When you are purchasing base layer clothing, there are several different traits that each piece of clothing comes with; thermal weaving, compression, mesh fabric and cool dry.

Thermal base layers hold onto body heat to keep you warm.

Compression layers promote blood flow to certain parts of the body, which promotes performance and endurance.

Mesh fabric keeps you cool and allows your body heat to dissipate so you don’t overheat, and the fabric absorbs excessive sweat and traps the sweat within the fabric to keep you dry. Mesh motorcycle pants or jackets are popular for motorcyclists. But you need to make sure that Will My Mesh Jacket Protect Me???

You should choose a base layer made for the intensity and the weather of your next riding adventure. If you are off-roading or doing tricks, then cool dry base layers are best. But if you are traveling up into the Rocky Mountains, choose a thermal base layer.

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