Why Do Motorcycles Crash While Driving Around Tight Corners?


There’s a reason why you need a completely different license to operate a motorcycle. Driving a motorcycle is nothing like driving a car. There are many more driving techniques that only apply to motorcycles. Also, many more hazards and dangers exist, as well. One of the most significant risks you can experience is driving through corners. Corners are so dangerous that even cars and trucks get into crashes as well. So what are the reasons why motorcycles crash so often while driving around corners?


Riders Are Not That Experienced

New riders or riders that have been on the road for less than a year are more likely to get into crashes overall. Since inexperienced riders don’t completely understand the dangers they’re in, they’re more likely to act recklessly by driving faster or not correctly scanning the area for cars or pedestrians. Less experienced riders also have not developed the sixth sense that more experienced riders have to spot dangers before they happen.

If an experienced rider is driving in the rain, they need to have on motorcycle rain gear, so their clothing can be protected. They won’t slide off of their seat like they would if they were wearing regular pants.


Drunk Driving

Even the most experienced riders immediately lose a lot of the driving skills when they’re under the influence of alcohol. So when a drunk rider is turning along a corner, they are more likely to crash by their motorcycle becoming imbalanced and falling over or by not heeding to the stop sign and getting t-boned by an incoming car. If you’re at a bar and you’re getting drunk, the smartest and safety thing for you to do is to call an Uber to go home and pick your motorcycle in the morning. One uber ride could save your life and the lives of others.

Cars Can’t See Them because of the View of an Intersection

Intersections that can’t be seen around are a nuisance to both rider and drivers. It should be a law that the area within 100 feet of an intersection cannot have cars parked on it. If you have men’s textile motorcycle pants, you can keep your knees injury-free in case you suddenly lose balance while evading an oncoming car. When you’re coming close to a stop sign, and you can’t see the road where you are about to turn, then you should stop a bit past the stop line to get a proper view of where you are about to go.

The Motorcycle’s Wheels Lose Traction

While driving around an intersection, a rider could quickly lose their balance and slide their motorcycle too far down and skid onto the cement. Traction accidents can happen to even the most experienced of riders. When this type of event occurs, you should be wearing motorcycle riding gloves. When you use gloves, your skin won’t scrape and peel when you throw your hands out to catch yourself as you fall.

Every driver, no matter if they’re a motorcycle rider or a driver of a car or truck, will eventually get into a crash. The size of the crash matters, especially if you’re a motorcycle rider. While a vehicle driver may not acquire any injuries in a small crash, the same is not true for a motorcycle rider. They can still sprain their arms, legs, or ankles, or be thrown onto the asphalt or sidewalk. Since the danger for riders is constant, you need to have the best gear possible to prevent you from getting more injuries than you should, like a motorcycle protective jackets.

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