Loving The Lean: Why Do We Love To Lean

why do we love to lean

The motorcycle is a vehicle that was built to do tricks. If you are a daredevil that has an intense need for speed, then you probably have a motorcycle waiting for you in your garage or your apartment parking space.

One of the most common and simplest tricks to perform on a motorcycle is lean. There are different degrees of lean and some people are much better at it than others.

There is a huge list of Lies We Tell About Motorcycling. One will say that no one should ever lean, but leaning can be done by motorcyclists of all levels as long as you are good at keeping your balance, you can lean to the left or the right.

We’ve all seen the lean happen in movies and TV shows. A big curve comes up in front of the motorcycle driver. They ride the curve and lean into it and then the camera pans back to reveal an amazing sunset or a starry night. When it comes to leaning, balance is critical. If you can’t balance your motorcycle, then you probably shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle in the first place.

You may be interested to know that people who have inner ear issues are not good at balance and therefore are not good at leaning their motorcycles to the side.

Not only that, there’s a part of our brain that loves it when we do exciting and slightly dangerous things. So leaning activates the pleasure center of your brain. Once you start leaning the dopamine starts rushing through your brain and you get excited and you enjoy the feeling. No wonder why motorcyclists love to lean when they ride down an empty road or freeway! Their brain is rewarding them for leaning!

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Wear Your Motorcycle Clothes

But before you lean your bike in front of the beautiful sunset while you cruise down the PCH, you need to wear the right motorcycle gear.

Normal motorcycle riding is far more dangerous than driving a car or truck. But motorcycle riding becomes even more dangerous when you start performing trips. You should always have motorcycle gear on you whenever you ride.

There is a law saying you have to have your helmet on whenever you are riding your motorcycle. But the law should extend this requirement to a jacket and riding pants.

What kind of pants and jackets are out there for a motorcycle rider?

There are:

  • Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  • Motorcycle Protective Jackets,
  • Motorcycle Racing Pants
  • Men’s Leather Motorcycle Pants

Many motorcycle shopping sites also have women’s Leather Motorcycle Pants in case you’re a lady who likes a field of leather on her skin.

Wearing protective leather and protective motorcycle clothing can protect you from minor scrapes and bumps if you get into a small accident.

If you’re in a major accident, the leather from your jacket will take the brunt of the scrapes when your body goes flying across the asphalt.

Abrasions are unbelievably painful, but Leather Motorcycle Jackets can protect you from them.

If you like me, you don’t like shopping for clothes. You just want to walk into a store by the first thing you see that looks decent, make sure it fits in the fitting room, buy it, then leave.

So where is a great place to purchase high-quality motorcycle gear that will fit you on the first try? My favorite place to buy gear is wickedstock.com. Now I know that online shopping can be difficult and no one wants to deal with the return process. WickedStock is an excellent website that understands how to make shopping easier. No matter what style of clothes you’re looking for or the size of your body, go to their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, WickedStock has something there for you.

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