Why Would You Ignore A Stranded Rider On The Road?


There will come a time when every rider becomes stranded on the side of the road or freeway. It happens to everybody, even cars, trucks, and 18-wheelers. During this time, it is essential to know that people who pass you won’t stop to help. It’s discouraging to hear, but don’t count on help. In this case, you’re on your own. But why don’t people help? Do you want to be one of those people, but don’t know how to go about it?

To prevent yourself from being stranded on the road because of an accident, always wear a motorcycle protective jackets. These types of jackets have armor inside the lining. So if you fall off your bike, you won’t develop as many injuries, and you’ll be able to get home.


Why Don’t People Help Those Who Are Stranded?

There are three main reasons why people don’t help those stranded on the road. The first reason is that they are rushing to work. They would like to help, but many people have horrible bosses. They know they’ll get in trouble if they’re late.

The second reason is that they don’t know how to help. They’re unsure if their presence will be helpful or how they can help. But stopping to help someone in need is always appreciated.

The last reason people do not pull over to help a stranded person because it’s someone else’s problem. They think someone else is going to come to help or they’re already calling for help. However, they don’t know the person’s situation, so why do they think this? This train of thought absolves the person for the responsibility of helping.

If you want to help a ride in need, then you need to keep yourself safe first. Place a few biker vest patches on your vest, drivers on the road can see your easier, especially at night.


Here’s is what you should do to help someone who is stranded on the road:

Make Sure There is a Safe Place to Stop

Before you even meet the person and ask them if they need help, you must first find a safe place for you to park. While it is easier to help people if they’re on a street or road, the worst place to find a place to park is a busy interstate freeway, so you must be cautious. If you decide to pull over and help someone out but it’s raining, you can stay dry with a motorcycle rain suit.

Keep Your Distance from the Person

When you pull over, don’t walk right up to them. For your safety, make sure there are a few feet between the people you’re helping them and yourself. You can approach them once you see that they are of sound mind and not lashing out and angry. If they are in a car or truck, go to the passenger’s window. If they’re on a motorcycle, stay on your bike.

Address Medical Emergencies First

When someone is in distress, their first instinct is to pull over to the side and switch their emergency blinkers on. Or they will try to get off of the freeway by driving slowly driving on the off-ramp. When you pull over, put on your emergency lights so that you can warn others to slow down when they pass by. Check on the driver and any passengers to make sure they are not hurt.

To swiftly maneuver your motorcycle, you should wear leather motorcycle gloves. It’s easier for you to control the handlebars, and your skin will not chafe.


Help Them Contact Someone

If, for any reason, they need help to contact a friend or a towing service, allow them to use your phone. This is unlikely since everyone has a phone nowadays, but the gesture is a kind one.

Doing this step is a surefire way to help anyone, driver or rider. We all need to be more caring in this word. Watching out for each other is something we can all do, particularly if they’re a motorcycle rider like us.

Helping others is easy, but you can’t assist someone if you’re not prepared yourself. To find the best gear to keep you protected in any situation, go over to wickedstock.com to find gloves, pants, jackets, and so much more.

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