Wicked Stock Men Dallas Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

Racing your motorcycle. Whether it’s on the track or street. I know. I know. Not legal. But there are a lot of people doing it. Let’s face it, most people that ride motorcycles either do or dream of driving fast.

And, when you are racing a motorcycle, you want the best protection possible wrapped around your body. At Wicked Stock we have some really nice leather motorcycle jackets to offer. But what about when it gets really hot outside? Are you going to want that heavy leather hanging on you, cooking you in your own personal oven?

Probably not. But you don’t want to take a chance and ride without the proper protection.

Imagine for a moment. What if there was a way that you could have both the protection and the comfort while you are racing your motorcycle? The answer of course, is the Wicked Stock Men Dallas Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.

Loaded with Features

It features a 600Denier Cordura polyester chassis and extensive mesh paneling on the front, back and sleeves. These panels create the perfect airflow to keep you cool and comfortable while racing down the track or just cruising around town.

Another nice feature of this mesh biker jacket is the fully removable 100% waterproof liner. It has long sleeves to keep your entire upper body dry in the event of an unexpected rainstorm.

As an extra bonus; this liner can provide a bit more insulation on a chilly ride.

Appearance and Protection

The Wicked Stock Men Dallas Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is made of a nice looking 600 Denier polyester fabric that is highly abrasion resistant. It comes in a full black version and a Hi-Viz yellow version.

For your safety, there is fully removable CE PU Armor impact protectors strategically placed at the elbows and shoulders. These, along with the super abrasion resistant material, will protect your most vulnerable impact areas in the event of a crash while racing. There is also removable foam padding for the back and spine.

Comfort, Convenience and Safety

The Wicked Stock Men Dallas Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is truly built with your comfort in mind. It features two adjustable waist straps for that “custom” fit.

It has wrist adjustment straps to keep your sleeves snug. And to ensure that your gloves stay in place.

If you are worried about where you’re going to stash all of your essential gear? Don’t. This mesh jacket has two front, waist level zippered pockets to keep the stuff you need right away at your fingertips.

And, for all those accessories like your cell phone and keys, there are a total of three inside pockets, with one of them zippered and waterproof for the items you want dry and safe.

Finally, in the interest of safety, we have added reflective stripes along both shoulders, elbows and back. You will be more visible on your ride home at night from the racetrack.

And of course, just like all of our other great jackets at Wicked Stock, there is a zippered attachment to connect your jacket to your motorcycle pants.

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Happy Riding

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